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Indian Pediatrics November 1989; Volume 26: Number 11

Editor: R.N. Srivastava

Table of Contents


Perinatal and neonatal care: the need for reappraisal and action                                1073
Santosh K. Bhargava


National workshop on strategies for reduction of perinatal and infant mortality       1076

Trends in perinatal and neonatal mortality and morbidity in India                             1094
Sheila A. Bhave

Socio-economic and environmental determinants of perinatal and neonatal mortality in India           1100
S. Ramji

Alternative approaches to delivery of perinatal and neonatal care in rural communities: the experience of the comprehensive labour welfare scheme of UPASI               1106
V. Rahmathullah

Community participation in health programmes                                                                     1109
A Dayal Chand

A community based surveillance system for perinatal and neonatal care                   1115
A Dayal Chand and M. Khale

Training and education in perinatal and neonatal care                                                            1122
G.A. Panse

Appropriate technologies for mother and child health care in developing countries      1124
S.N. Vani

Strategies for lowering perinatal mortality                                                                 1131
Shanti Ghosh


Efficacy of nalidixic acid in the treatment of acute bloody diarrhea                           1135
V. Khoshoo, P. Raj, R. Srivastava, N. Bhandari, S. Sazawal, S. Bhatnagar and M.K. Bhan

Exchange transfusion in neonatal hyperbilirubinemia                                          1139
S.K. Dikshit and P.K. Gupta


Congenital malaria                                                1147
S. Aiyer and N. Shendurnikar

Permanent pacing for congenital complete heart block (CHB) in an infant                 1149
A Grover, Y.C. Chandershekhar, Lata Kumar, H. Singh, J.S. Gujral and P.S. Bidwai

Neonatal urinary ascites with urogenital and anorectal malformations                                  1152
Arun Kumar, P.S. Dhupia, P.P. Chatterjee, N.K. Nagesh, Man Mohan and N.K. Anand

Metatropic dwarfism                                     1154
R. Kapoor, V. Singh and M.M. Saha

Hypocalcemic cataract secondary to idiopathic hypoparathyroidism                         1157
Ritu Arora, P.S.N. Menon, S.K. Angra, S. Ghose and Anju Virmani


Robinow syndrome                                                        1160
Ajay Kumar and R.K. Puri

Diaphyseal dysplasia with anemia and thrombocytopenia                                          1162
A Bagga and V.P. Choudhry

Lennox-Gastant syndrome in association with tuberous sclerosis                             1164
A.K. Gupta, S.K. Sehgal, R.N. Salhan, S.S. Uppal and H.K. Chellani

Fatal neonatal perforation of appendix                                                   1166
O.P. Pathania, S.K. Jain, H. Kapila and S.B. Taneja

Substandard infusion sets, inadequate transfusion sets, weak bottle hangers and missing spoons and droppers                       1167
K.B. Kulkarni

Hemorrhagic disease of newborn                                                         1168
S.K. Dey and P. Chaturvedi

Reply                                                          1169
Anil Narang       

NOTES AND NEWS                                                                    1075, 1093, 1099, 1114, 1121


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