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Indian Pediatrics May 1989; Volume 26: Number 5

Editor: R.N. Srivastava

Table of Contents


Polio vaccination in developing countries                                                                               419
A.B. Desai


Poliomyelitis in vaccinated children                                                                            423
Sidhartha Sen, D. Sharma, S. Singh, P. Malik, S. Khare and S. Kumari

Immunization status in paralytic poliomyelitis – a hospital based study                   430
V.K. Srivastava, N. Laisram and R.K. Srivastava

Study of diphtheria carriers in Miraj                                                                           435
U.S. Udgaonkar, C.A. Dharmadhikari, R.D. Kulkarni, V.A. Kulkarni and S.G. Pawar

Tuberculin sensitivity study in rural children around Davangere city                         440
M.L. Kulkarni and A.C. Basavaraj

Japanese encephalitis in children in Bellary, Karnataka                           445
C.S. Kamala, M. Venkateshwara Rao, S. George and N.Y. Prasanna

Bacterial flora in mothers and babies with reference to causative agent in neonatal septicemia      455
B.D. Bhatia, S.P. Chug, P. Narang and M.N. Singh

Analysis of blood culture isolates from neonates of a rural hospital                          460
P. Chaturvedi, M. Agrawal and P. Narang

Susceptibility of clinical isolates to cephalexin, cefazolin and cefotaxime                  466
B.L. Gupta, A. Tahlan, V. Dogra, A. Rattan, R.A. Bhujwala and Shriniwas


Simplified home methods for the development of hand functions in a cerebral Palsied infant         473
Taiwade and N. Shendurnikar

DRUG THERAPY                                  

Short course chemotherapy of tuberculosis                              477
N.B. Mathur


Paralytic poliomyelitis in rural Kashmir                               480
S. Razdan, R.L. Koul, A. Motta and S. Koul

Magnitude of poliomyelitis in a rural area of Bangalore                                                          483
M.M. Kekre, S. Pruthvish, As Mohammad and R.M. Christopher

Hepatic involvement in childhood tuberculosis                                                                       485
R.S. Sethi, V. Rastogi, V.P. Mittal and Ramesh Kumar

Porencephaly – a potentially avoidable complication of neonatal meningitis             489
A Gambhir, V.K. Gandhi, C.S. Pant, M.V. Murali and U. Iyer

Advantages of breast feeding knowledge among paramedical health personnel and mothers          492
P.K. Singhal, D.K. Taneja, A.K. Patwari and D.N. Mullick

Antenatal diagnosis of asphyxiating thoracic dysplasia                                                          495
R. Kapoor, M.M. Saha and N.C. Gupta

Esophageal atresia with double tracheoesophageal fistula                                         497
G.K. Sharma, B.R. Thapa, S.K. Mitra and S. Mehta

Exchange transfusion with G-6-PD deficient donor blood causes exaggeration Of neonatal hyperbilirubinemia           499
S. Gulati, S. Singh, A. Narang and O.N. Bhakoo

Oro-dental anomalies in Apert’s syndrome                                                                 501
S.S. Sidhu and R.N. Deshmukh

Sleep apnea in infancy                                            504
Y.C. Govil, B. Sharma and A. Kumar


Effect of incentive scheme on immunization                              507
Geeta Panikar, Swati Piramal and Mharukh Joshi

Measles vaccine – controversy regarding the number of doses and storage conditions         508
G.P. Mathur and Sarla Mathur

Polio Vaccination                                                     509
S.K. Mittal

National policy on immunization                                          510
Tirthankar Datta

Reply                                                                     510
A.K. Dutta

Enteric hepatits                                                           512
E.R. Siddeshi, B.R. Thapa, A. Sahni and S. Mehta

Tuberculosis and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome                                                       513
H.R. Hegde

Massive amoebic liver abscess                                                           514
Tejinder Singh, Rajbir Singh Beri and Jagdish Rai

Breast milk secretion                                          516
M. Veeramohan Rao

Reply                                                                516
Daljit Singh and Pankaj Maria     

NOTES AND NEWS                                                     429, 433, 439, 443, 452, 471, 517




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