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Indian Pediatrics March 1989; Volume 26: Number 3

Editor: R.N. Srivastava

Table of Contents


The profile of congenital hypothyroidism in India                                                      207
Meena Desai


Etiology of Childhood hypothyroidism                                                                                    212
Meena Desai, M.P. colaco, A.M. Samuel and F.E. Vas

Goitre in school girls of Mewat area of Haryana                                                                      223
D.R. Gaur, A.K. Sood and V.P. Gupta

Under utilization of MCH Services – the major factor for very high IMR in rural Rajasthan     228
B. Bhandari, S.L. Mandowara, Ashok Kumar and D. Agarwal

Lessons from improved neonatal survival at Chandigarh                                            234
O.N. Bhakoo, R. Khajuria, A. Desai and A. Narang

Outcome of low birth weight babies with special reference to some maternal factors                  241
S. Kumari, N. Shendurnikar, S. Jain, K. Kanodia, R. Jain and D.N. Mullick

Mortality pattern in babies delivered by cesarean section and vaginal delivery          247
N. Chaudhuri, S. Pal and A. Roy

A clinical analysis of hysteria and Psychalagia                                     251
S.L. Nimgaonkar, M. Mehta and M. Bhargava

Hysteria in children and adolescents                                                                           257
M. Agrawal, P. Chaturvedi and S. Dey

Profile of thyroid disorders in a referral centre in north India                                               265
Anju Virmani, P.S.N. Menon, M.G. Karmarkar, P.G. Gopinath and A.K. Padhy


Pertussis vaccine                                        270
N. Shendurnikar

PRACTITIONER’S COLUMN                                                                                          

Status asthmaticus                                     274
Tejinder Singh and Daljit Singh


Endemic goiter in rural children                                           279
J. Hayat, V.K. Srivastava, U. Mohan and V.C. Jain

Neonatal Graves disease                                        281
Kumar, K. Chopra, G.R. Sethi, M. Mital and B. Gaind

Neuroblastoma in Libyan children                                                 284
Mansoor El Mauhoub, G. Sudarshan and V.P. Aggarwal

Congenital systemic mastocytosis                                                  286
U.G. Date, P. Venugopal, T.Y. Kagalwala, A. Rajani, D.A. Parikh, S.H. Advani and
S.F. Irani

Intramedullary spinal Schwannoma                                            290
S.C. Sharma, R.C. Ray and A.K. Banerjee

Congenital histiocytosis X                                               292
T.Y. Kagalwala, S.G. Kallapur, A.S. Rathore, B.A. Bharucha, S.F. Irani,
S.Y. Sane and D.A. Parikh

Burkitt type lymphoma presenting as rapidly progressive proptosis                          296
S. Gomber, D.K. Das, R. Rath, V. Chadha, R. Kapoor and L. Saini


Strategies to reduce perinatal and neonatal mortality                                                            301
Umesh Kapil

Should syringes be redesigned?                                                                                              302
K.B. Kulkarni

Rational drug therapy                                                     303
A.T. Phatak

Rational drug therapy                                                  303
Arun Gupta

NOTES AND NEWS                                                                       262, 278, 304, 305, 306


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