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Indian Pediatrics July 1989; Volume 26: Number 7

Editor: R.N. Srivastava

Table of Contents


Celiac disease in Indian children                                                          627
Vikram Khoshoo and M.K. Bhan


Use of body mass index for assessing the growth status of infants                           630
L. Raman, G. Vasanthi, K. Visweswara Rao, C. Parvathi, N. Balakrishna,
N. Vasumathi, Anjana Raval and K. Adinarayana

Sonographic evaluation of gall bladder in acute viral hepatitis                                               636
M.K. Narula, H.P.S. Sachdev, A.P. Dubey, N.C. Gupta and M.M. Saha

A study of psychiatrically normal children in a hospital based child guidance clinic               641
N. Ahuja and M. Mehta

Care of the newborn by traditional birth attendants                                                   649
N. Sharma and P. Bali

Pattern of preventable diseases in Afghanistan: suggestion to reduce the morbidity and mortality at IGICH                                                                                            654
V.P. Choudhry, I. Fazal, G. Aram, M. Choudhry, L.S. Arya and M.S. Torpeki

Cord and maternal serum IgM in IUGR babies                                             660
P. Chaturvedi and P.C. Desai

Upper and lower limb standards in newborn                                            667
Madhulika, S.K. Kabra, V. barar, A. Purohit, S. Saxena, U. Sharma and R.K. Bansal

Maternal and neonatal anthropometric and hematological parameters in Manipuri Population       673
S.B. Devi, K.J. Singh, Y.L. Devi and W.G. Singh

Septal deviation in neonates                                                       678
S. Chintapatla, Y.C.  Kudva, R.C. Nayar, T.S. Raghuveer and D. Prasad


Carbamazepine                                     685
Mahesh Sharma and Shashi N Vani


Drug prescribing in children with renal failure                                    693
Moudgil and R.N. Srivastava


Factors responsible for refusal of medical care                                    707
J. Singh and R.K. Bansal

Community participation in child health promotional activities at a primary health care centre in Haryana                  710
Sanjiv Kumar and G.V.S. Murthy

Management of omphalocele with bowel pathology- primary or iatrogenic                713
S. Chandra, V. Bhatnagar and M. Rohatgi

Acquired Zinc deficiency in an infant resembling acrodermatitis enteropathica        715
Sahni, B.R. Thapa, S. Prasad and S. Mehta

Severe lead intoxication in a family caused by use of residential premises for battery manufacturing    718
Surjit Singh and Sunit Singhi

Middle fossa arachnoid cysts                                   720
S.C. Sharma and R.C. cay

Ultrasonography in conjugated hyperbilirubinemia                             723
V.K. Gopi, T.P. Joseph and K.K. Varma


Vaccine transport                                          727
K.K. Kalra

Comments                                                 727
A.K. Dutta

Malaria presenting with urticarial as the initial feature                              728

Terbutaline in wheezing infants                                   729
T.S. Raghuveer, N. Pandit and M. Yeshwanth

Acute Dapsone poisoning                                         730
U.S. Nayak, D.J. Gandhi and A.R. Shah

Hydrothorax complicating peritoneal dialysis                                      731
K.N. Shivaram, S.K. Kabra and A. Bagga

NOTES AND NEWS                                                                      635, 640, 646, 677, 690



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