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Indian Pediatrics January 1989; Volume 26: Number 1

Editor: R.N. Srivastava

Table of Contents

Message from the President, IAP                                                    3


Congenital malformations                                         5
M.L. Kulkarni


Spoon vs bottle: A controlled evaluation of milk feeding in young infants                 11
Harish Kumar, P.K. Singhal, Shyama Singh, A.K. Dutta, B.K. Jain and Indira Narayanan

Thigh circumference at birth as the best predictor of low birth weight babies                      18
J.N. Sharma, S. Saxena and U. Sharma

Serum and hair zinc in Indian Childhood Cirrhosis                                                     22
P.K. Misra, K.L. Srivastava and A.C. Chawla

Hemostatic changes in neonates with anoxia and sepsis                                                        26
B. Dube, B.K. Das, J.K. Kolindewala, R.K. Dube and V. Bhargava

Congenital malformations in the newborn – A prospective study                               32
P.C. Mishra and R. Baveja

Prevalence and pattern of mental health problems                                                     36
Harmesh Singh, C.K. Sharma, H.C. Mathur, L.N. Gupta and P.C. Khatri

Anterior fontanel size in hilly and non-hilly newborns in and around The district of Darjeeling       41
K. Chakrabarti

Is high protein milk beneficial for SGA-terms?                                         45
S. Awasthi, P.K. Misra, G.K. Malik, S. Agarwal and P.N. Saksena

Bacterial flora in chronic tonsillitis                                                                             52
V.N. Chaturvedi, A. Hethwani, P. Chaturvedi and P. Narang

Palpebral fissure length in normal infants                                     57
B.N.S. Walia and A.K. Bhalla


Portal hypertension in children                                                   61
Suneet Sood and V.R. Minocha


Intestinal obstruction due to Henoch-Schonlein purpura                                                       72
Gultekin, S. Turkey and O. Isik

Phytobezoar obstruction                                      75
C.R. Banerjee, P.P. Chawla and B. Deb

Effect of nutritional supplementation on growth of infants with congenital heart diseases            76
R. Khajuria, A Grover and P.S. Bidwai

Bartter’s syndrome in newborn treated with indomethacin                                        78
S.R. Daga, S. Patole, S. Deokate and S. Bhatnagar

Pouch colon syndrome                       81
S.M. Ashraf, M.A. Khan and M.H. Raza

Familial congenital hypoplasia of depressor anguli oris muscle with Congenital hepatic fibrosis          82
B.R. Thapa, A. Sahni and S. Mehta


Extrusion of ventriculoperitoneal shunt through the anus                                         86
M.A. Fernandez

Wilson Mikity syndrome                                       87
S.R. Daga, B. Joseph and N. Kinikar

Hepatitis B infection                                          88
Ashok Rattan and Ajay Tehlan

Incomplete duplication of urethra (Accessory urethra) in a male child                                 89
Ravi Kapoor and M.M. Saha

BOOK REVIEWS                                                                 91

INSTRUCTIONS TO AUTHORS                             93

NOTES AND NEWS                                                    21,25,40,51,60


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