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Indian Pediatrics December 1989; Volume 26: Number 12

Editor: R.N. Srivastava

Table of Contents


Diagnostic tests for meningitis – a dilemma                                                               1177
Veena Kalra


XXVI National Conference Indian Academy of Pediatrics                                            1181
N.R. Bhandari


Standard nomenclature and definitions for expressing neonatal morbidity: a plea for uniformity        1189
Meharban Singh and V.K. Paul


A comparative study of glycine fortified oral rehydration solution with Standard WHO oral rehydration solution                                                                                 1196
T.J. Antony and Man Mohan

Clinical significance of serum and cerebro spinal fluid Bilirubin indices in neonatal jaundice     1202
S.V. Kulkarni, R.H. Merchant, S.C. Gupte and R.M. Divekar

Proximate principle and energy content of human milk in well-nourished urban mother                     1211
N.D. Patil and M.S. Phadke

Intra-abdominal lymphatic cysts in children                                                               1214
K. Radhakrishna and P.L.N.G Rao

Knowledge of mothers regarding immunization in a high coverge area – need for strengthening health education                1219
G.V.S. Murthy and S. Kumar

Electrophysiological studies (MNCV, H-RL) in full-term newborn babies                    1223
B.D. Bhatia, U. Prakash, S.K. Gupta and M.N. Singh


Vitamin K for the newborn – old avenues revisited                                                     1229
Indira Narayanan, A. Saili and A.L. Khandara


Captopril                                                   1237
S. Yadav and A. Khalil


Cerebrospinal fluid immunoglobulins in meningitis                                                   1243
V. Gupta, R.K. Gupta, A. Agarwal, V.N. Tripathi and G.P. Mathur

CSF glutamin oxalacetoc transaminase levels in CNS infections                                             1245
M. Agrawal and N.R. Bhandari

Safety of “Short Stay” Regimen for repair of inguinal hernias in children                 1248
D.B. Gahukamble and F.S. Rakas

Eosinophilic granuloma with cord compression                                                                     1250
V.S.S.V. Prasad, B.S. Sharma, B.D. Radotra, N. Khandelwal, B.N.S. Walia and
V.K. Kak

Vitamin D dependent rickets with alopecia                                                                  1254
A.S. Vasudev, A. Bagga, K.S. Shivaram and R.N. Srivastava

Neonatal scurvy                                                                         1258
B. Vishnu Bhat and S. Srinivasan

Argininemia                                                                  1260
P.S. Gambhir, M.A. Phadke, V.A. Khedkar, J.A. Padalkar, A.S. Joshi, A.S. Limaye and S.M. Bhate


Appearance of intracranial tuberculoma during therapy of tuberculous meningitis                  1263
Rashmi Kumar, N. Kohli, Y.C. Govil and Indu Wakhlu

Missed opportunities in Immunization                                       1265
Sanjiv Kumar

Complications of intravenous therapy                                     1266
S. Devi, B.N. Verma and S. Jain

BCG, DPT & OPV immunization                                         1268
C. Ramachandran

Reply                                                                      1268
A.K. Dutta

Syndrome of acquired aphasia with seizure disorders                                                           1269
R.V. Havaldar, V.D. Patil, B.M. Siddibhavi and G.M. Wali

Calculus biliary tract disease in β-thalassemia trait                                         1271
B.R. Thapa, A. Sahni, B. Nagi, N.M. Gupta and S. Mehta

BOOK REVIEW                                                                   1273

NOTES AND NEWS                                            1173, 1187, 1208, 1234, 1262, 1272, 1274

AUTHOR INDEX for Volume 26                                            1275

SUBJECT INDEX for Volume 26                                       1282

ADVERTISERS                               1286

REVIEWERS OF 1989                                             1287


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