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Indian Pediatrics May 1988; Volume 25: Number 5

Editor: R.N. Srivastava

Table of Contents


Drug induced hepatic damage                                                                                     407
Saroj Mehta


Vertical transfusion of Hepatitis-B virus                                 409
D.K. Guha, Jugnu Mahajan and S.K. Aggarwal


Indian childhood cirrhosis and cryoglobulinemia                              417
D. Ray and Veena Kalra

Role of enteroinvasive E. coli in acute invasive diarrhea                                                         422
S. Saluja, S.K. Mittal, A. Varghese and V.G. Ramchandran

Enteropathogenic E.coli in infantile diarrhea at Tirupati                                             428
N. Lakshmi, D.R. Mathur and A.G. Kumar

Antibiotic sensitivity pattern of enteric pathogens                                                     432
V. Khoshoo, P. Raj, M.K. Bhan, R. Kumar, R. Srivastava, B. Diwaker and S. Sazawal

Growth of term infants in early neonatal period: correlation among weight, Length and head size changes             437
S. Singhi, P.D. singhi and A.K. Bhalla

Endoscroic removal of ingested foreign bodies                                          443
K. Venkateswarlu, V. Nanda and S. Mehta

Superstitions in pediatric illnesses among rural mothers                                                      447
D.K. Taneja, P.K. Singhal and S. Dhawan


Hepatitis vaccines                                                        453
A.J. Chitkara and H.P.S. Sachdev


Hydrometrocolpos with respiratory distress                                                              461
Sanjeev Sharma, A.K. Aggarwal, S. Puri, R. Kulshreshtha, S. Ramji and V.N. Baijal

Esophageal foreign body: an unusual presentation                               464
M.H. Beg and Reyazuddin

Congenital hepatic fibrosis without renal involvement                                    466
Mahmood M. Lubani, D.c. Sharda, Teleb Al-shab and Mokarram Ali

Constitutional aplastic anemia                                        469
R. Pandita and M.I. Quadri

Endoscopic dilatation of esophageal strictures                                                 472
S.K. Yachha, R. Kochhar and S. Mehta

Enteropathogenic serotypes of E. coli in acute diarrhea in Ajmer                              474
Pushpa Aggarwal, Mahabir Singh and Sudershan Kumari

Airway Obstruction due to ascaris lumbricoides                                               476
B. Talukdar and B.K. Sharma

Carbanmazepine in absence seizure                                       478
M.S. Bhatia, P.K. Singhal and N.K. Dhar


HAV superinfection in HBsAg carriers                                                     480
S.R. Prasad and S.R. Pal

Perinatal iron deficiency and ICC                                                       480
S.K. Chaudhary

Duodenal varices                                                            481
R. Kochher, K.L. Narasimharao, K.L. Narasimhan, B. Nagi, S.K. Mitra and
Saroj Mehta

Serum IgE concentration in children with ascariasis                                                  483
P. Ahmad and K.N. Ahmad

Nasogastric tube obstruction by ascaris lumbricoides                                483
S. Khope, V. Raju, P. Shridhar and P.L.N.G. Rao

Neglected nipple care and lactation failure                                                                 484
B.S. Karnawat and K.B.  Lall

Depressed fracture skull in a newborn delivered by cesarean section                                    485
B.V. Bhat, R.K. Puri and R. Padmini

Vitamin A deficiency                                                                                                                487
G.P. Mathur

AIDS publications announcement                                           487
Ihsan Dogramaci

OBITUARY                                                          490

BOOK REVIEWS                                                            489

NOTES AND NEWS                                                              431, 436, 442, 452, 459, 491


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