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Indian Pediatrics February 1988; Volume 25: Number 2

Editor: R.N. Srivastava

Table of Contents


Doppler echocardiography                                                                 121
Savitri Shrivastava


Colour Doppler echocardiography in congenital heart diseases                                 125
K.D. Shah


Pulsed Doppler echocardiographic evaluation of atrial septal defect              133
R.K. Goyal, N.K. Anand and R. Arora

Cardiac pacing                                                                                                 141
G.S. Wander, R. Babu, H.N. Khattri, P.L. Wahi and P.S. Bidwai

Breast milk total nitrogen, nonprotein nitrogen and lactoferrin content        149
R.S. Raghuvanshi, K.N. Agarwal, G.B. Fransson and l. Hambreus   

Prevalence of hepatitis-B virus markers in multi-transfused thalassemic Patients       161
M.K. Mittal, J.C. Vij, B. Talukdar, H.P.S. Sachdev and Lata Saini

Neonatal tetanus mortality in a rural community of Haryana                          167
V. Kumar, R. Kumar, V.N. Mathur, N. Raina, M. Bhasin and A. Chakravarty

Change in neonatal care pattern and neonatal mortality in a rural Medical college                   169
P. Chaturvedi and S. Potdar

Mortality characteristics of neonates with birth weight above 2000 g                       179
J.P. Singh, D. Halder, Sudershan Kumari, M. Yadav, J. Rai, D.N. Mullick and
A.K. Dutta


Anticonvulsants during pregnancy and lactation: fetal and neonatal hazards              185
D. Ray and Meharban Singh


Increased food intake in children treated with puffed rice based ORS                       193
M.K. Bhan, V. Khoshoo, S. Bhatnagar, N. Bhandari and O.P. Ghai

Dirrhea beliefs and practices among rural mothers of Delhi                                    195
S. Dhawan, P.K. Singhal and D.K. Taneja

Treatment of appendicular mass in children                                                   197
D.B. Gahukamble and F.S. Rakas

Multinodular infantile hemangioendothelioma of liver                                                199
B.R. Thapa, S. Yachha, K.l. Narsimharao, H.L Gupta, S. Kataryia and S. Mehta

Superior sternal cleft                                                                                      203
A Kumar, N.K. Nagesh, J. Mahajan, H.K. Chellani, Man Mohan and N.K. Anand

Usual cause of stridor                                                                                     206
S.P.S. Yadav, H. Goel, N.K. Jindal and J. Yadav

Infantile cortical hyperostosis                                                           208
Rama Anand, M.L. Ratan, S.K. Mittal and A.K. Dutta


Should we still transfuse acid blood in neonates                                  213
S. Nanda

Anthropometric measurements and prevalence of LBW in Himachal Pradesh           214   
U. Kapil

Reply V. Parmar                                               214

Self audit for rational medical treatment
S.K. Rathi                                      215

Vitamin A deficiency M.V. Rao                                      216

Bowel pattern and weight gain in breast fed infants
S.K. Mittal                    216

BOOK REVIEWS                                            212

NOTES AND NEWS                                        131, 159, 160, 165, 183, 191


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