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Indian Pediatrics December 1988; Volume 25: Number 12

Editor: R.N. Srivastava

Table of Contents


Health promotion for children in India                                                          1137
Umesh Kapil and Sanjeev Kumar


XXV National Conference, Indian Academy of Pediatrics                                             1143
D.G. Benkappa


Prescribing practices in childhood sore throat                                           1149
Surjit Singh, Lata Kumar and Vijay Kumar

Atropine sulphate in asthmatic children                                            1155
T.S. Raghuveer, S. Lakshminarayan and M. Yeshwanth     

Motor and mental development in relation to certain maternal chracteristics                        1159
G.P. Katiyar, R.K. Kejriwal and S.K. Upadhyay

Pica : prevalence and etiology                                                   1165
M.S. Bhatia, S. Rai, P.K. Singhal, V.R. Nigam, N. Bohra and S.C. Malik

Health promotion : educating school children in self care                                          1171
R.U. Singhania, A. Bansal, J.N. Sharma, R.S. Channa, Geeta Bansal,
M. Ray, Amita Sharma, Mira Berry and G.S. Chaddha

A simple field test to establish color association with health and ill health               1175
Tara Gopaldas and Ira Pant

Prevalence of ‘at risk’ factor in under five children                                                    1180
U. Kapil and P. Bali

Effect of levamisole of T cell in minimal change nephrotic syndrome                                    1184
R. Dayal, R. Prasad, P. Mathur, R. Sharma, E.R. Elhence and Kalpana Singh

Hypercholesterolemia in relapse and remission of idiopathic nephrotic syndrome    1188
K.P. Mehta, N. Bakhai, A. Paranjape, S.B. Kamat and Uma Ali

Lethergy in the neonate: A diagnostic and therapeutic approach                                1193
A.N. Pandit and A.U. Oak


Serum creatinine levels in infants                                                 1199
S. Awasthi, P.K. Misra and G.K. Malik

Bronchiolitis obliterans following measles                                                      1201
Lata Kumar, Meenu Singh, Asit Kumar Mandal, Pratibha D. Singhi and S.R. Bushnurmath

Lower limb gangrene and paralysis following umbilical cord injection                                  1205
S. Das, N.R. Pan, S. Banerjee and Subir K. Chatterjee

Extremity gangrene following intramuscular injection                                                           1209
A Dhar, D. Bagga and S.B. Taneja

Metaphyseal dysostosis Schmidt type                                                                         1212
Ajay Kumar, Ravi Kapoor, G.R. Sethi, Madan M. Saha, Kamlesh Chopra and Manoj Mittal

Acute lymphoblastic leukemia: hand mirror cell variant                            1215
M.C.R. Vyas, H.L. Arora and R.C. Harsh 

Incidence of congenital malformations in relation to seasonal variation in West Bengal                      1218
A. Roy Choudhury, M. Mukherjee, G. Talukdar and A. Sharma

Femoral pain of solitary neurofibromatous origin                                                      1221
S.C. Sharma and R.C. Ray


Pediatric education in Libya                                          1224
Harjit Singh

Osteogenesis imperfect type II                                                    1225
K.S. Banerjee, P. Chaturvedi and N. Banerjee      

The recommended measure                                                   1226
S.K. Bansal

Chloroquine induced psychosis                                         1226
Arun Agrawal and Rashmi Agrawal

BOOK REVIEWS                                                  1228

AUTHOR INDEX for Volume 25                                             1230

SUBJECT INDEX for Volume 25                                                   1237

INDEX TO ADVERTISERS                                1241

REVIEWERS OF 1988                       1242

NOTES AND NEWS                                     1154, 1170


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