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Indian Pediatrics October 1987; Volume 24: Number 10

Editor: R.N. Srivastava

Table of Contents


Infant-feeding-contemporary issues                                                                                       833
R.K. Anand and P.R. Surekha


Physiological development of the infant and its implications for complementary feeding     837
M. Behar


Bowel pattern and weight gain in breast fed infants                                                               859
C.V. Hegde and R.K. Anand

Infant feeding practices and morbidity                                                                                               865
A.J. Chitkara and S. Gupta                                 

Adequacy of breast milk                                                                                                          873
S. Awasthi, P.K. Misra and G.K. Malik

Decline in breast feeding practices in urban population of Chandigarh during a decade                    879
B.N.S. Walia, S.K. Gambhir, S.R. Sroa and s. Chaudhary

Infant feeding with commercial milk formula in an urban community of Central India                     889
D.K. Srivastava, O.P. Sahni and A Kumar

Infant feeding patterns in slums of Bangalore                                                                                    895
G.N. Prabhakara, P.V. Aswath, C. Shivaram and A.N. Viswanath

Infant feeding practices of peri-urban areas of Gorakhpur                                                     899
K.P. Kushwaha, G.P. Mathur and Om Prakash

Infant rearing practices and beliefs in rural inhabitants of Himachal Pradesh                                   903
Lalita Bahl and R.K. Kaushal

Infant feeding practices among tribal communities to Andhra Pradesh                                             907
V. Vimala and C. Ratnaprabha

Attitudes of medical and nursing personnel to breast feeding practices                                            911
P. Sharma , A.K. Dutta, I. Narayanan and D.N. Mullick

Knowledge and attitude towards infant feeding among rural health personnel                                  917
R.K. Maheshwari, B.D. Gupta, A.K. Arora, M. karunakaran and S.R. Bhandari

Knowledge, attitudes and practices regarding infant feeding among mother substitutes      921
S.C. Jethi and D.K. Srivastava

Adolescent girls’ perspectives on breastfeeding: pointers for health education                                927
Indira Narayanan, M. Saxena, S. Tarafdar, A. Scindi, N.S. Murthy and Shyama Singh

Effect of peri-natal motivation on breast feeding in educated mothers                                              933
C.G. Bathija and R.K. Anand

Knowledge and attitudes of hospital employees regarding infant feeding practices              939
B.S. Karnawat, R.N. Singh, B.D. Gupta and S.P. Chaudhury


Infant and young child feeding                                                                                                           949


No honey – but colostrum and breast milk                                                                             951
G.P. Mathur, K.P. Kushwaha and A. Verma

Wastage of colostrum                                                                                                             952
D. Meikandan

Obstetric practices and breastfeeding                                                                                     953
R.K. Anand

Cesarean section and lactation failure                                                                                                 954
A.K. Arora and B.D. Gupta

Infant feeding practices among women doctors in Tamil Nadu                                                          954
C. Ayyapan, A. Sivanandam, P. Thirumalaikolundusubramanian, S. Kesavan and L. Anandasubramaniam

Keratomalacia in Soyal fed infants                                                                                          955
M.G. Wagh, R.B. Ghooi and R.S. Setty


Additional resource material on infant feeding                                                                                   957
G.K. Nigam and R.K. Anand

BOOK REVIEW                                                                                                                          961

Notes and News                                                                                    864, 894, 925, 932, 938, 950


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