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Indian Pediatrics November 1987; Volume 24: Number 11

Editor: R.N. Srivastava

Table of Contents


Diabetic metabolic control: How important? An appraisal                                                      965
R. Khardori and P.S.N. Menon


Prospects of β-thalassemia major                                                                                           969
B. Wonke


Prognostic indicators in pyogenic meningitis                                                                                     977
B.V. Bhat, I.C. Verma, R.K. Puri, S. Srinivasan and P. Nalini

Clinical profile of meningococcal infection in Delhi                                                                985
S. Singh, P.K. Singhal, H. Kumar, S. Sen, A.K. Dutta and D. Sharma

CSF and serum LDH levels in tuberculous and pyogenic meningitis                                        991
K.N. Dave, B.N. Dave, F.R. Billimoria, N.K. Shah and Meenakshi Mehta

Brucellosis in children                                                                                                             995
P.V. Havaldar, S.Y. Vijay Kumar, A.S. Desai and B.M. Siddhibhavi

Enteropathogens, feeding practices and biochemical disturbances in diarrheal dehydration            999
S.K. Mittal, A. Kanwar, S. Saluja and S. Nakra

Acetylation phenotype profile in North Indian Children with Pulmonary tuberculosis                       1007
V. Seth, A. Beotra and D. Ray

Bacteriological profile of neonatal septicemia                                                                                    1011
P.P. Sharma, D. Halder, A.K. Dutta, R. Dutta, S. Bhatnagar, A. Bali and S. Kumari

Neonatal infections and their outcome in Afghanistan                                                                        1019
V.P. Choudhry, M.I. Fazel, M. Choudhry and A. Ghafary

Blood fibrionolytic acticity in neonates: Effect of period of gestation, birth Weight, anoxia and sepsis   1029
J.K. Kolindewala, B.K. Das, R.K. Dube, B. Dube and V. Bhargava


Trimethoprime-sulphamethoxazole                                                                                         1035
P. Choudhury


C-reactive protein in early detection of neonatal infection                                                      1039
P.K. Misra, R. Kumar, G.K. Malik, S.K. Agarwal  and P. Mehta

Dipylidiasis                                                                                                                              1041
B.S. Rai, Indrani Karunasagar and I. Karunasagar

Lymphadenopathy in Indian Kala-Azar                                                                                                1043
B. Talukdar, A. Kanwar, L. Saini, T. Singh and S. Chauhan

Chondro-Ectodermal Dysplasia                                                                                                           1045
T.Y. Kagalwala, V.U. Vaidya, R.M. Joshi, B.A. Bharucha and N.B. Kumta

Achalasia cardia in an infant                                                                                                   1050
A.K. Wakhlu, V.B. Pathak, R.K. Tandon and I. Wakhlu

Progressive diaphyseal dysplasia-Engelmann’s disease                                                                      1052
G.K. Mishra, M. Mishra, J. Vernekar, M. Tehrai and B.R. Patel


Aplasia with congenital                                                                                                           1055
M.N. Singh, B.D. Bhatia and O.P. Sharma

Scleredema Adultorum                                                                                                                        1056
S. Nanda, A.D. Tewari and P.S. Dhatt

Multi congenital anomalies in a newborn                                                                                1057
P.S. Mahngar

NOTES AND NEWS                                                                                     968, 990, 998, 1025, 1038


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