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Indian Pediatrics January 1987; Volume 24: Number 1

Editor: R.N. Srivastava

Table of Contents


XXIII National Conference of the Indian Academy of Pediatrics                                                         5
N. Sundaravalli


Planning follow-up of high risk neonates                                                                                9
A Narang


Controversies in neonatal care                                                                                                            15
O.N. Bhakoo

Issues in neonatal hyperbilirubinemia                                                                                                19
A Narang, S.F. Irani and O.N. Bhakoo


Reduction of morbidity and mortality due to respiratory disorders in newborn                                25
O.N. Bhakoo

Prevention of Low Birth Weight                                                                                               31
O.N. Bhakoo


Vitamin-B composition of breast milk from mothers of preterm and term babies                  33
A.M. Bijur and M.M. Kumbhat

Evaluation of sepsis screen in the diagnosis of neonatal sepsis                                                         39
M. Singh, A. Narang and O.N. Bhakoo

Early-Onset neonatal sepsis-vertical transmission from maternal genital tract                                  45
K. Kishore, A.K. Deorari, Meharban Singh and R.A. Bhujwala

Evaluation of buffy coat smear examination in septicemia during infancy                             49
S. Gupta, K.C. Aggarwal and O.N. Bhakoo

Bacterialogical profile of neonatal septicemia                                                                                     55
U.K. Namdeo, H.P. Singh, V.J. Rajput, K.K. Shrivastava and S. Namdeo

CT-scan evaluation of term neonates with symptomatic birth asphyxia                                             57
R. Merchant, A. Shah, S. Abhyankar and N.C. Joshi

Study of biochemical asphyxia at birth                                                                                               63
J. Chowdhary, A. Narang and O.N. Bhakoo

Neonatal neurobehavioral assessment and outcome                                                               69
N.C. Joshi and D. Kittur

Respiratory Distress in Newborn A prospective study                                                                     77
P.K. Misra

Neonatalogy in the undergraduate medical education: current status                                                81
I. Narayanan and O.N. Bhakoo


Hairy pinna A pathognomonic sign in infants of diabetic mothers                                      87
Meharban Singh, A. Kumar and V.K. Paul

INSTRUCTIONS TO AUTHORS                                                                                                  91

NOTES AND NEWS                                                                                            24, 68, 80, 99, 100


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