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Indian Pediatrics February 1987; Volume 24: Number 2

Editor: R.N. Srivastava

Table of Contents


Childhood Leprosy                                                                                                                   105
L. Kant and D. Mukherji


Approach to children with suspected immunodeficiency                                                        109
V. Vijayaratnam and R.K. Chandra


Nutritional status in rural pregnant women of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh                                             119
D.K. Agarwal, K.N. Agarwal and A.M. Tripathi

Maternal employment and personality of the child                                                                  127
A.K. Saxena, S.N. mehrotra, S.B. Singh and V.N. Tripathi

Anemia, undernutrition and physical work capacity of young boys                                        133
D. Bhatia and S. Seshadri

Significance of the Lf content of diphtheria toxoid as a guide to its Immunogenic value in DPT vaccine   141
M.K. Habbu, C.S. Poonawalla, M.S. Parvatikar and S.S. Jadhav

Bacterial etiology of meningitis with special reference to staphylococci                                            145
Johny Vincent, M.K. Sainaba and K.C. Rajagopalan

Impact of six years exposure of ICDS scheme on psycho-social development                                   153
S. Chaturvedi, B.C. Srivastava, J.V. Singh and M. Prasad


Hb H disease                                        161
B.R. Agarwal, R.H. Merchant, P.K. Sukumaran and J.Y. Bhave

Disaccharide intolerance and ICC. VII. Effect of steroid therapy on Lactosuria                                       163
J.C. Chugh, P.S. Dhatt, Harjit Sing, A.S. Saini and H.C. Mehta

Cyproheptadine poisoning                                                                                                       165
B.A. Bharucha, T.Y. Kagalwala, A.L. Pandya, V.U. Vaidya and N.B. Kumta

Primary polydipsia in infancy                                                                                                  169
R.M. Joshi, C.T. Velur, S.H. Abhyankar,
A.M. Vidvauns, J.R. Kamat, M.K. Joshi and P.W. kandoth

Cephalic tetanus                                                                                                                      172
K. Chopra and Praveen Kumar


Child Care Is it Fair?                                                                                                             175
S. karnawat

Recurrent pneumococcal meningitis                                                                                       176
Meenu Singh and R.K. Marwaha

Child Labor                                                                                                                              177
Suraj Gupte

Zygosity of twin births                                                                                                                        178
Arun Kumar

Reply                                                                                                                                       179
P. Thirumalaikolundusubramanian

Asphyxiating thoracic dystrophy                                                                                             179
T. Datta

NOTES AND NEWS                                                                                117, 132, 139, 144, 151, 160


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