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Indian Pediatrics August 1987; Volume 24: Number 8

Editor: R.N. Srivastava

Table of Contents


Infant and Childhood mortality                                                                                                           613
Shanti Ghosh


Infant mortality in rural India: A strategy for reduction                                                                     619
A.K. Pratinidhi, A.N. Shrotri, U. Shah and H.H. Chavan

Early childhood mortality in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh                                                             627
D.K. Agarwal and K.N. Agarwal

Perinatal mortality trends in steel plant hospitals                                                                  633
O. Khurana, P. Warey, A.B. Dave and R. Saikhedkar

Neonatal mortality rate: A hospital study                                                                                639
V.K. Garg, M.N. Singh, O.P. Mishra, R. Gupta, B.D. Bhatia and V. Bhargava

Xerophthalmia in preschool children                                                                                      645
S.K. Sharma, G.P. Mathur, Sarla Mathur, Y.D. Singh, K.P. Kushwaha,
V.N. Prasad, N.R. Yadav and S.P. Saxena

Goitre in tribal areas of Andhra Pradesh                                                                                 651
M. Nagaraj Rao, C.S. Kumar and S. Peri

Smoking behavior of rural school boys                                                                                               655
S. Singhi, J.S. Broca and G.M. Mathur


Genes and neoplasms                                                                                                              661
K.D. Moudgil


Farberís Lipogrannulomatosis                                                                                                             673
V.U. Vaidya, B.A. Bharucha, T.Y. Kagalwala, A.L. Pandya and N.B. Kumta

Lobster claw hand and foot deformity in a family                                                                   675
B.V. Bhat, B.A. Ashok and R.K. Puri

Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva                                                                                                677
K. Chopra, M.M. Saha and S. Saluja

Crigler-Najjar syndrome type II with kernicterus                                                                   680
B.R. Thapa, S.K. Yachha and S. Mehta

Pre-operative detection and localisation of a duplication cyst by Tc-99m Pertechnetate abdominal scintigraphy                683
A.K. Padhy, P.G. Gopinath, D.K. Mitra, V. Bhatnagar, K.G. Reddy and A.K. Basu

Intra-osseous infusions in emergencies                                                                                             686
G. Singh


Prosadís social classification of Indian families: Updated                                                      689
J. Chandra and S.H. Ahmed

Salk vs. Sabin controversy                                                                                                      690
Jacob M. Puliyel

Practical difficulties of rural pediatricians                                                                              690
S.E. Arkadi

Intravenous pulse methylprednisolone in chronic ITP                                                                       691
L.S. Arya

A case for a combined mother and child card                                                                         692
Shanti Ghosh

BOOK REVIEW                                                                                                                          694

NOTES AND NEWS                                                                   618, 632, 637, 643, 650, 653, 669, 670


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