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Indian Pediatrics April 1987; Volume 24: Number 4

Editor: R.N. Srivastava

Table of Contents


Diagnostic approach to a bleeding patient                                                                              269
Manorma Bhargava and Dinesh Jain,


Acute Rheumatic fever and its sequelae during childhood: Historical perspective and a global overview                                              275
S.K. Sanyal

ORIGINAL ARITICLES                                                                                                             

Bactericidal capacity of polymorphs in iron deficiency                                                                       295
P. Ahmed, M. Hasan, M. Agarwal and M. Aziz

Hemoglobin A2 in iron deficiency and megaloblastic anemia: Relation with severity and etiology of anemia                                                                                                           301
R. Rai, H. Pati, A.K. Sehgal, K.R. Sundaram and A.K. Saraya

Vitamin K deficiency related bleeding manifestations in older neonates and infants              307
R.K. Marwaha, Anil Kumar, G. Garewal, N. Marwaha and B.N.S. Walia

Predictability of severity of ABO hemolytic disease                                                                313
P.S.N. Menon and S. S. Mohapatra

ABO red cells antigen and protein energy malnutrition                                                                       317
V.K. Thavaraj, G. Shastry and V. Reddy

Thyroid disorders in children                                                                                                  319
A.M. Samual, G. Shastry and V. Reddy

Medical audit for rational treatment                                                                                        323
A.T. Phatak and H.K. Desai


Bioavailability of acetaminophen after rectal administration                                                  331
S.V. Dange, K.U. Shah, A.S. Deshpande and D.S. Shrotri

Hereditary factor XIII deficiency                                                                                             333
M.Y. Nitsure, S.R. Karve, R.S. Wadia and K.B. Grant

Skin scrapping in the diagnosis of Letterer-Siwe disease                                                                   336
V. Kumar, A. Bhatia, S. Sehgal and S.C. Khandpur

Fine needle aspiration cytology diagnosis of histiocytosis-X                                                  339
A.J. Chitkara, S. Verghese, G. Jayaram, B. Talukdar and L. Saini

Chronic ITP treated with intravenous pulse methylprednisolone                                           341
M. El Mauhoub, V.P. Aggarwal and G. Sudarshan

Infantile Gaucherís Disease                                                                                                     344
A Kumar, R.K. Marwaha, S.K. Yachha, R. Sarode and G. Garewal

Kocher Derbe Semelaigne syndrome                                                                                       346
M. Yeshwanth, D.G. Benakappa and K.S. Gautham


Poliomyelitis immunization                                                                                                     349
F. Marc LaForce

Reply                                                                                                                                       350
M.A. Phadke

Synovial fluid admixture during femoral blood collection                                                      351
K.B. Kulkarni

Detection of malnutrition                                                                                                        352
Umesh Kapil and M.C. Gupta


Monograph on endocrinology                                                                                                  355

NOTES AND NEWS                                                                           273, 299, 312, 324, 329-30, 348


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