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Indian Pediatrics November 1986; Volume 23: Number 11

Editor: R.N. Srivastava

Table of Contents


Oral rehydration: universal solution                                                                                        895
S.K. Mittal


Febrile seizures: controversies and current concepts                                                             899
R Anandam


Serum creatine phosphokinase and its isoenzymes in perinatal asphyxia                              905
R. Merchant, S. Abyankar, U. Kolhatkar and A. Paranjpe

Maternal and fetal outcome of viral hepatitis during pregnancy                                                         911
M.L. Gupta, J.N. Sharma, B.S. Sharma, U. Sharma, S. Saxena and M.L. Sharma

Mid-arm circumference at birth as a predictor of low birth weight babies and early neonatal mortality     915
J.N. Sharma, B.S. Sharma, M.L. Gupta, S. Saxena and U. Sharma

Caloric value of breast milk                                                                                                     921
R. Chatterjee, S. Chatterjee and T. Datta

Disseminated intravascular coagulation in neonatal period                                                    925
B. Dube, V. Bhargava, R.K. Dube, B.K. Das, P. Abrol and J.K. Kolindewala

Endoscropic injection sclerotherapy for esophageal varies in extrahepatic portal venous obstruction
D.K. Bhargava

Acute meningococcal (group A) septicemia: study during an epidemic with special reference to endotoxic shock                                                                                      937
Sunil K. Sehgal, S. Ramji, Man Mohan, S.C. Khandpur and R. Gupta


Levamisole in pediatric practice                                                                                              942
R.K. Jain and A.K. Dutta


Endoscopic variceal sclerotherapy: A preliminary communication                                         945
B.S. Satyaprakash, V.K. Mishra, V. Nanda, R. Kochhar and S. Mehta

Isolated symptomatic spontaneous pneumomediastinum in a newborn                                            947
S.Sharma, S.K. Sehgal, S. Puri, V.N. Baijal and S.C. Khandpur

Wolman’s disease                                                                                                                    950
N. Sunderavalli, B. Bhaskar Raju, A. Prema, V. Pushpa, N. Nedunchelian,
M.V.K. Shetty and D. Sudarsanam

Associated handicaps in cerebral palsy                                                                                               954
L. Kant and S. Dewan

Marfan’s syndrome in a neonate                                                                                              956
D.V. Kammurthy, P.U. Iyer, Arun Kumar, Man Mohan and S.C. Khandpur


Bulging fontanel following DPT vaccine                                                                                              960
N. Shendurnikar, D.J. Gandhi, J. Patel and A.R. Shah

Hemolytic anemia in neonatal malaria                                                                                                 960
B.J. Krishnamurthy

Fatal anaphylaxis following intravenous vincristine                                                                961
B. Bhardwaj, S.K. Kalra and G. Gupta

Maternal involvement in the care of high risk infants                                                             962
P.C. Mishra

Reply                                                                                                                                       962
V. Murali Mohan

NOTES AND NEWS                                                          920


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