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Indian Pediatrics May 1986; Volume 23: Number 5

Editor: R.N. Srivastava

Table of Contents


Iodine deficiency disorders and human resource development                                                          321
C.S. Pandav, L.M. Nath, M.G. karmarkar and N. Kochupillai


Iodine deficiency disorders in India: Review of control measures                                         325
C.S. Pandav, N. Kochupillai, M.G. Karmarkar and L.M. Nath


Urinary nitrogen and glucose excretion in pregnant and lactating women                             331
K.N. Agarwal, B.D. Bhatia, D.K. Agarwal, D. Sharma, M. Prakash and M.L. Sharma

Perinatal mortality: In ICDS urban slum area                                                                          339
P.K. Singhal, G.P. Mathur, Sarla mathur and Y.D. Singh

Efficacy of nitroblue tetrazolium test in common febrile illnesses                                         345
S.D. Sharma, U. Sharma, S. Saxena and M.L. Gupta

Poliomyelitis in Pune vis-à-vis immunisation in urban slums                                                 351
M.A. Phadke, P.D. Pote, A.S. Joshi, J.M. Mehta, V.S. Mandke, D.B. Shirole,
A.S. Limaye and V.S. Bapat

Diaphragmatic hernias in infants and children                                 355
A Krishna, V. Bhatnagar and D.K. Mitra

Serratia marcescens infection in newborns                                                                            360
Jai Kishan, N.A. Mir, A.Y. Elzouki and A.L. Soni

Myasthenia gravis in young                                                                                                     363
A.K. Verma, M. Behari and G.K. Ahuja


Chemotherapy of Malaria                                                                                                         371
B. Talukdar

International council for control of Iodine deficiency disorder (ICCIDD)                                          376


5α Reductase deficiency causing male pseudohermaphroditism                                            379
Z.M. Patel, N.A. Goyel and R. Suchak

Lactobezoar intestinal obstruction                                                                                          381
K.L. Narasimharao, R.V. Patel and S.K. Mitra

Recurrent atypical intussuception caused by ileal gastric ectopia simulating Hirschsprung’s disease       382
K. Yadav, P.M. Nayar and R.V. Patel

Congenital dyserythropoietic anemia, Type II (Hempas)                                                                    386
H. Pati, L.S. Arya, S. Puri and A.K. Saraya


Educate to breast feed                                                                                                             391
R.U. Singhania, A. Bansal, J.N. Sharma and M. Ray

Paralytic poliomyelitis in immunized and unimmunized children                                           392
Siddhartha Sen and Daya Sharma

Possible yellow oleander toxicity in a neonate                                                                                    393
S. Thilagar, P. Thirumalaikolundusubramanian, S. Gopalakrishna,
R. Lakshmikandan, A. Ayyappabn and S. Subramanian

BOOK REVIEW                                                          394

NOTES AND NEWS                                 324, 359, 369


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