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Indian Pediatrics August 1986; Volume 23: Number 8

Editor: R.N. Srivastava

Table of Contents


I.C.D.S.: Realities and course of desired changes                                                                   575
B. Bhandari and S.l. Mandowara


Hospital-based data on perinatal and neonatal mortality in India                                           579
Meharban Singh

Infant growth in the perinatal period                                                                                      585
FIGO Workshop


Perinatal and infant mortality in urban slums under I.C.D.S. scheme                                     595
S. Thora, S. Awadhiya, M. Chansoriya and K.K. Kaul

Renal function in relation to metabolic control in juvenile onset diabetes of different duration     599
S.C. Khandpur, V. Ramesh, K. Ramachandran and H.P.S. Sachdev

Small bowel function in mild to moderate protein-energy malnutrition                                             605
S. Mehta, P.S. Rugmini, C.K. Nain, A.K. Malik, B. Nehru and S.V. Rana

Placental morphology and histopathology in Low Birth Weight                                                          611
K. Kalra, Ajay kalra, R.K. Gupta, R. Bhatia, K. Singh, R. Prasad and K. Gupta

Mortality patterns in under six children in I.C.D.S. urban slum                                                          617
P.K. Singhal, G.P. Mathur, Sarla Mathur and Y.D. Singh

Psychiatric disorders among children attending Pediatric O.P.D.                                           623
M. Bhalla, J.N. Bhalla, R.K. Mahendru, K.B. Singh, S.B. Singh and J.R. Srivastava

Are delinguents born or made by us?                                                                                     627
R. Dayal, R. Prasad, M.N. Misra, K. Kalra, D.N. Pandey, P.P. Mathur and R.S. Dayal


Viral hepatitis in children                                          635
B. Bhandari and B. Sharda


Neonatal systematic candidiasis                                                                                              643
A Kumar, V.K. Paul and Meharban Singh

Hemolytic uremic syndrome                                                                                                    646
N.B. Mathur, P. Chaturvedi and B.D. Bhatia

Congenital diverticulum and valve obstruction of anterior urethra                                        649
K.L. Narasimharao, R.S. Chana, S.K. Mitra and I.C. Pathak

Congenital complete heart block in an infant of diabetic mother                                            652
A.L. Soni, Jai Kishan, K. Baaiu, A.Y. Elzouki


Iodine deficiency                                                                                                                     655
Umesh Kapil

Predictive value of BCT test                                                                                                     655
Y.K. Ambedkar and V. Vankat

NOTES AND NEWS                                                                                        578, 622, 633, 654, 656


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