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Indian Pediatrics September 1985; Volume 22: Number 9

Editor: R.N. Srivastava

Table of Contents


Lower respiratory tract infection in children                                                                          637
Anbu Chetty


Maternal knowledge and belief on breast feeding                                                                   641
T.A. Khan, Z. Ansari, T. Kidwai and A. Malik

Normal anatomic variants in the newborn                                                                              649
P.C. Mishra, G.P. Mathur, Sarla Mathur, Y.D. Singh, D. Sharma and A.K. Gupta

Sero-conversion response to Mevilin-L measles vaccine at age 6-15 months                         653
G.P. Katiyar, G. Kaur, D.K. Agarwal, A.K. Gulati, A. Kalra and K.N. Agarwal

A pathological study of ventricular septal defects                                                                  661
Hema S. Rane, S.B. Nagle and A.G. Desai

Assessment of nutritional status by village health guides                                                      669
K. Vijayaraghavan, D. Hanumantha Rao, T. Venkat Rao and M.C. Swaminathan

Pulmonary function tests in healthy children                                                                          677
S.K. Malik and S.K. Jindal


Respiratory distress and asthma in infants and children                                                        683
M.G. Wagh, R.B. Ghooi and R.S. Shetty


True hermaphrodite                                                                                                                699
B.K. Kulkarni, S.S. Deshmukh, R.K. Gandhi, S.S. Khope and S.Y. Sane

Lymphatic cyst of the omentum presenting as ascites                                                                        702
A.K. Deorari, V. Bhatnagar, D.K. Mitra and L.S. Arya

Primary type I hyperlipproteinemia                                                                                        705
B.R. Agarwal, S. Rajyadhyaksha, R.H. Merchant, S.R. Parekh and A.S. Paranjpe

Oral rehydration of low birth weight infants                                                                           708
S.K. Bhargava, H.P.S. Sachdev and Man Mohan


Antibiotics in E.coli diarrhea                                                                                                    711
K.B. Kulkarni

Burkitt’s lymphoma abdominal variety                                                                                                711
A Bansal, C.R. Verma, G.C. Bothra and B.C. Sanghal

Literature pollution                                                                                                                 713
R.U. Singhania, Avinash Bansal and Jagdish Sharma

Fate of your prescription                                                                                                         713
V.M. Sundaram

Inclusion of subjects related to medical discipline in civil services examinations                             714
K.N. Agarwal


Study on Current Status of infant and childhood feeding practices                                        716
D.K. Agarwal, K.N. Agarwal and B.N. Khare

BOOK REVIEWS                                                                   717

NOTES AND NEWS                           648, 696, 715



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