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Indian Pediatrics March 1985; Volume 22: Number 3

Editor: R.N. Srivastava

Table of Contents


C-reactive protein in clinical practice                                                                                      175
A.N. Malaviya and Gurkirpal Singh


Meningococcal disease in Delhi                                                                                                           181
Arvind Taneja


Mental health status of parents of physically handicapped children                                       185
Usha Sharma and Satya Gupta

Cerebrospinal fluid sialic acid in tuberculous meningitis                                                       191
Pervin Ahmad, A. Kumar and A. Salahuddin

Copper studies in liver disorders                                                                                            195
N. Sundaravalli, S. Meena and B. Baskar Raju

Perinatal mortality                                                                                                                   201
P.K. Gupta and A.P. Gupta

Social factors influencing infant mortality                                                                              207
M. Kabirullah, Mahfuz Ali and M. Ibrahim

C-reactive protein in neonatal infections                                                                                 215
K. Kalra, Shyam Sunder, Ajay Kalra and R.S. Dayal

Implications of nutrition education versus food supplementation in pre-school Children: a follow up study                                                                                                     221
Sudarshan Kumari, R. Mehra, Uma Bhargava, P.L. Narang and U.B. Lall

Immunisation of children: an alternate strategy                                                                     225
S.D. Gupta, R. Sharma, A. Zafar, D.K. Mangal and S. Joshi

Breast milk composition in relation to gestation                                                                    229
M.M. Kumbhat, S.A. Khanna, A.M. HBijur and C.S. Jadhav

Double versus single surface phototherapy in neonatal hyperbilirubinemia                           235
S.K. Sharma, S.C. Sood, Anita Sharma and J.C. Lall


Cystic angiomatosis of bone                                                                                                   241
S.M. Joshi, P.M. Pai and G.N. Jankharia

Papillon-Lefevre syndrome                                                                                                      244
P.M. Kumar, C. Ranganathan, S. Premalatha, N.R. Rao, E.M. Abdul Razack and Asfa Zahra

Malignant fibrous histiocytoma of the lung                                                                             246
A Banerjee, A.J. Veliath and C. Ratnakar


Detection of PEM                                                                                                                     249
Jacob M. Puliyel

Prenatal diagnosis of twins with anencephaly with Grey scale ultrasound                             249
Madhu Chandra and C. Kusuma Kumari

Increased incidence of pyogenic meningitis in Agra                                                               250
Ajay Kalra, Atul Kumar Misra, Rakesh Bhatia and Rakesh Gupta

NOTES & NEWS                                                                                                              194, 213, 239, 248



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