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Indian Pediatrics July 1985; Volume 22: Number 7

Editor: R.N. Srivastava

Table of Contents


Phototherapy for neonatal hyperbilirubinemia                                                                                    481
P.K. Misra


Growth of term infants in early neonatal period                                                                     485
Pratibha Singhi, Sunit Singhi and A.k. Bhalla

W.H.O. recommended oral rehydration solution in acute diarrheal dehydration in infants            493
Vijay Rai, Man Mohan, S.K. Bhargava and T.S. Daral

Staphylococcal empyema                                                                                                        501
S.M. Joshi, P.M. Pai and B.R. Kalke

Low birth weight babies in relation to nutritional status in primipara                                               507
N.K. Tyagi, B.D. Bhatia and A.M. Sur

An outbreak of measles                                                                                                           515
P.V. Asha Bai

Management of ingested foreign bodies                                                                                  519
V. Bhatnagar and D.K. Mitra

Diagnosis of iron deficiency by deferrioxamina induced siderirua                                         523
Niherika, Harjit Singh, H.C. Mehta, U.P. Aggarwal and S.K. Aggarwal


Transient diabetes mellitus in early infancy                                                                            529
R. Merchant, A. Irani and P. Nagar

Echocardiographic detection of tricuspid valve vegetations in a child with Ventricular septal defect     532
S. Bhandari, V.L. Bhatia and S. Shrivastava

Cystinosis                                                                                                                                535
Dinesh Gera, M.J. Mehta and B.M. Shah

Perforation of pharynx mimicking esophageal atresia                                                                        538
K.L. Narasimharao, S. Sachdeva, Anil Narang, S.K. Mitra and I.C. Pathak

Inhalded glass beads                                                                                                               540
V. Bhatnagar and D.K. Mitra


Umbilical granuloma                                                                                                               545
A.T. Phatak and P.K. Nagwekar

Neural tube defects                                                                                                                 545
Jai Kishan, A.L. Soni, A.Y. Elzouki and N.A. Mir

Studies on low birth weight                                                                                                    547
S. Muralinath, D. Arulmoti Devi, R. Vijayaraghavan and P. Thirumalaikohindusubamanian

Immunization of children                                                                                                        548
S.P. Mukhopadhyaya and K.K. Das

BOOK REVIEW                                                                                                                          551


Workshop on standardisation of commercial oral rehydration formulation                           555
: Dr. O.P. Ghai

NOTES AND NEWS                                                                                        499, 518, 543, 551, 562



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