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Indian Pediatrics April 1985; Volume 22: Number 4

Editor: R.N. Srivastava

Table of Contents


Head injury in infancy and childhood                                                                          255
P.N. Tandon


Granulocyte Disorders                                                                                                             259
Harjit Singh


Evaluation of the cutaneous response to the tetanus antigen as a tool to document immunization: preliminary observations           267
S. Bhatia, K. Ray, R. Mathur, T.P. Yadav, A.N. Rai. Chowdhary, S.S. Grover
And I. Narayanan

Neonatal sepsis: Correlation of maternal and neonatal factors to positive Bacterial cultures              275
N. Mehrotra, A. Kumar, M. Chansoria and K.K. Kaul

Study of neonatal septicemia                                                                                      281
J.N. Mishra, M.G. Rai, S. Chakraborty and S. Prasad

Hematological indices for early diagnosis of neonatal septicemia                              287
U.K. Namdeo, H.P. Singh, V. J. Rajput and J.S. Kushwaha

Tuberculin sensitivity in rural school children                                                                        293
S. Nagesh, S. Nayar, N.K. Tyagi and K.K. Ghuliani

Gastric pH in newborns Saxena                                                                                               299
A Bansal, D. Shivpuri, S. Saena and U. Sharma

Norms for anterior fontanel size in Punjabi children                                                  303
B.N.S. Walia and A.K. Bhalla

Study on outbreak of meningococcal meningitis                                                        307
Ramesh Prasad, K. Kalra, P.P. Mathur, Meena Singh, Ajay Kalra, Rejeshwar Dayal,
V.L. Lahiri, Rajiv Kumar and M.C. Agarwal


Pompe’s disease                                                                                                                      315
R.M. Joshi, M.D. Mohire, B.A. Bharucha, N.B. Kumta, A.P. Desai and A.D. Desai

Cytomegalo  virus disease                                                                                                       318
B.R. thapa, K. Venkateswarlu, A.K. Malik and S. Mehta

Giant hairy naevi                                                                                                                      322
N.B. Mathur, B.D. Bhatia, P. Chaturvedi, R. Tandon and K.S. Banerjee


Asphyxiating nasopharyngeal teratoma at birth                                                                      325
N.B. Mathur, R.M. Raizada, B.D. Bhatia, A.P. Dubey, P. Chaturvedi and S. Dhakate

Spontaneous fracture of femur in tubercular meningitis                                            325
K.K. Balkrishna

NOTES AND NEWS                                                                           265, 273, 292, 302, 306, 313



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