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Indian Pediatrics October 1984; Volume 21: Number 10

Editor: Santosh K. Bhargava

Publication Secretary                                                                                     Secretary of the Committee
S.C. Arya                                                                                                        R.N. Srivastava

Table of Contents


Anemia in pregnancy                                                                  749
Prema Ramachandran                                 


Hematological profile of babies of anemic mothers I                                 753
S.H. Ahmad, G.M. Matto, M. Amir, Z. Ansari, M.A. Mallick, S.K. Sharma
, I. Husain and K.N. Ahmad

Serum iron in babies of anemic mothers II                                                       759
S.H. Ahmad, Z. Ansari, G.M. Matoo, M. Amir, M.A. Mallick, S.K. Sharma,
K.N. Ahmad and I. Husain

Effects of hematinic and protein supplementation on the feto-placental unit in Maternal anemia           765
K.N. Agarwal, M. Krishna, P.N. Singla and A. Jain

Telemedicine A feasibility experiment for national application                                                            773
A.B. Desai, S.K. Bhargava, D.K. Mehta, A.S. Deshpande and S. Ramji

Health and nutritional status of rural primary school children                               777
N.P. Rao, D. Singh, T.P. Krishna and S. Nayar

Pulmonary functions in normal children                            785
R.S. Vohra, S.C. Shah and G.S. Shah

Prognosis of tubercular meningitis                                             791
A.K. Shah and V.K. Gandhi

Sciatic neuropathy                                                                          797
B. Ahuja and K. Dhamija

Merthiolate iodine formaldehyde test for detection of intestinal parasites                                        803
B. Bhandari, A.P. Gupta and C.P Maheshwari

Assessment of Anganwadi workers                                                                       807
L. Kant, A. Gupta and S.P. Mehta

Japanese encephalitis                                                                             811
D.G. Benakappa, G.A. Anvekar, D. Viswanath and S. George


Idiopathic myelofibrosis                                                           817
Sudha Rani, C. Maheshwari, T. Singh and P.C. Beohar

Sacrococcygeal fetus-in-fetu                                                                              820
K.L. Narasimharao, S.K. Mitra and I.C. Pathak

Cranio-fascial tuberculosis                                                     822
B.D. Bhatia, N.K. Aggarwal, A.P. Dubey, Arvind Garg and K. Khan

Hereditary spherocytosis                                                    824
C.S. Kamala, Akbar Hussain, C.S. Ravinarayan and S. Umadevi


Pheochromocytoma                                                                        827
P.K. Vyas and M.V. Dudhia

Indian childhood cirrhosis                                               828
K. Kalra, A.Kalra and M.C. Agarwal

NOTES AND NEWS                                                            763, 775, 790, 795, 809


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