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Indian Pediatrics January 1984; Volume 21: Number 1

Editor: Santosh K. Bhargava

Publication Secretary                                                                                     Secretary of the Committee
S.C. Arya                                                                                                        R.N. Srivastava

Table of Contents


Acute respiratory infection                                                                                                     5
Man Mohan and S.K. Bhargava


Essential hypertension in pediatric practice – some changing concepts                                            9
Savitri Shrivastava


Child care practices in the management of acute respiratory infections                                            15
V. Kumar, L. Kumar, M. Mand, M. Mittal and N. Datta

Perinatal risks in post-dated pregnancy                                                                                              21
Sudarshan Kumari, Sharda Jain, Praveen K. Pruthi, Madhu Khurana and Sudarshan Vohra

Traditional birth attendants (dais) and rural women – their concepts and attitude towards nutrition and child health in Andhra Pradesh                                                          29
T.P. Krishna, A.N. Naidu and N.P. Rao

Hepatic copper in siblings of children and ICC                                                  35
S.A. Bhave, A.M. Pradhan, D.G. Sidhaye, A.N. Pandit and M.S. Tanner

Normal blood pressure and hypertension in Indian children                                                  41
Y. Sachdev

Bacterial etiology of diarrhea in children with special reference to Campylobacter fetus jejuni       49
S.P. Khatua, G.D. Pan and B.D. Chatterjee

Mechanism of rectal prolapse in children                                                                                54
B. Bhandari, C. Vyas and S.L. Mandowara

A study of non-epidemic diarrhea in the newborns                                                                56
M.K. Jain, J.N. Vora, V.V. Kale, Laxmi Iyyer and S.F. Irani

Comparison of splenoportographic findings in early and late childhood                                            61
A Koshy, Kartar Singh and B.N.S. Walia

Clinical management of acute respiratory infections in children                                                        64
Lata Kumar and Vijay Kumar


Neonatal infections due to Pseudomonas maltophilia                                                                         72
J.N. Sarvamangala Devi, A. Venkatesh and P.G. Shivananda

Cystosarcoma phylloides                                                                                                         74
K.L. Narasimharao and I.C. Phatak


Trace elements (copper and zinc) and malnutrition                                                               77
B. Sharda

Cryptococcosis of central nervous system                                                                              78
C.S. Das, J.N. Sarma Bordoloi and B.M. Goswami

Foreign body in a neonate                                                                                                       79
S. Md. Iqbal, G.I. Dewangan, P. Warey and S.K. Tamer

Sydenham’s chorea                                                                                                                 80
M. Dhanaraj and K. Srinivas

Recommendations on Breast-feeding                                                                                      83

BOOK REVIEWS                                                                                                                                   

Nephrology and urology for the pediatrician                                                                          85
R.N. Srivastava

Practising health for all                                                                                                                       85
Shanti Ghosh

NOTES & NEWS                                                                                                                                34, 86



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