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Indian Pediatrics June 1983; Volume 20: Number 6

Editor: Santosh K. Bhargava

Publication Secretary                                                                                     Secretary of the Committee
S.C. Arya                                                                                                        R.N. Srivastava

Table of Contents


Growth studies in children                                                                                                      391
Samvit S. Kaul


Integrated approach to maternal and child health and family planning                                              395
Indira Bhargava


Intrauterine growth of twins                                                                                                  401
V. Bhargava, R.D. Agarwal, L.I. Singh, Maridula Chatterjee and B. Bhatia

Intrauterine malnutrition: Effect on feta hepatic size, protein status and related enzymes   409
K.N. Agarwal, R.D. Gupta, R. Shankar and O.P. Malhotra

A clinical profile of paralytic poliomyelitis with special emphasis on physical Therapy and rehabilitation                                                                415
A.K. Srivastava, Ravish Kumar, H. Rahman, R. Sharan and V.K. Agarwal

Paralytic poliomyelitis in Bundelkhand region                                                              417
Ramesh Kumar and Anil Kaushik

A study of tuberculous meningitis                                                                                          429
D.G. Benakappa and S.K. Chandrasekhar

Prevalence and patterns of handicaps in urban children                                                434
J.S. Anand and S.C. Patel

Infective endocarditis in children                                                                  439
R.S. Kohli, I.S. Anand, B. Nagrani, P.S. Bidwai, B.N.S. Walia, S.  Mehta,
L. Kumar and P.L. Wahi

Study of age for general understanding and pleasure in new borns for brightly colored objects   444
H Masood

Simple test for early detection of neonatal infections                                            447
P.K. Misra, B. Sharma, G.K. Malik and S.K. Agarwal

Endemic cholera (El tor) in children                                                            451
D.P. Karmarkar, V.R. Choudhary, R.A. Natu and S.R. Desai


Noonan syndrome                                                         455
U. Mukherji and M. Abbas

Occipital Encephalocele in a child with Cranium bifidum occultum in the mother                  457
V.R. Ravi Kumar, G.N. Lakshminarayan and V. Rathinaswamy


Landry Guillain Baree Strohl syndrome                                                459
S.M. Gupta and B.K. Jain

Myasis intestinalis                                                                            459
Agnes Varkonyi, P. Megyeri, Maria Ilyes and Z. Farkas

Breast milk substitutes and diluted milk formula                                                 461
Arun Chopdar

Delivery of MCH services                                                         462
S.P. Mukhopadhyay

Indian childhood cirrhosis (ICC): Addendum and erratum                               463
B. Sharda

Need to develop pediatric neurology                                        463
H. DaCosta

BOOK REVIEW                                                           464

NOTES AND NEWS                                               400, 414, 419, 446, 453


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