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Indian Pediatrics July 1983; Volume 20: Number 7

Editor: Santosh K. Bhargava

Publication Secretary                                                                                     Secretary of the Committee
S.C. Arya                                                                                                        R.N. Srivastava

Table of Contents


Environmental iodine deficiency of neonatal hypothyroidism in India                                               467
N. Kochupillai


Current status of endemic goiter in some areas of sub-himalayan belt                                              471
D.K. Agarwal and K.N. Agarwal

Current status of endemic goiter in district Bharuch (Gujarat)                                                          479
D.K. Agarwal, K.N. Agarwal, Usha J. Modi, A.R. Taggarsi, H. Patel and V. Majumdar

Double heterozygous hemoglobinopathies diagnostic importance of parent studies                      485
S.B. Patra, D.D. Giri, R.Z. Patel, U.J. Modi and N.S. Amin

Evaluation of clinical criteria for the management o acute diarrhea in infants and children  489
M.K. Jain, Vibha Komawar, J.N. Vora, S.R. Irani, V.V. Kale and Laxmi Iyyer

Tuberculosis in different with nephrotic syndrome                                                                499
Sarla Vaishnava and Panna Choudhury

Disachcharide intolerance and Indian Childhood Cirrhosis V. Effect of lactose Administration on Melituria in parents of ICC patients                                                                       503
P.S. Dhatt, H.S. Sabharwal, Harjit Singh, A.S. Saini, H.C. Mehta and Niharika

Impact of pre-school supplementary feeding on clinical picture                                                        507
Parveen Chawla and Ramesh Puri

Impact of pre-school supplementary feeding on mental abilities                                           513
Parveen Chawla, Ramesh Puri and Dwarka Pershad

Prevalence of neutralizing antibodies against polioviruses in unvaccinated children             517
Indu Shukla, Abida Malik, A. Bal and A. Malik


Niemann Pick Disease Type B with oculoneural involvement                                                  521
M.D. Shah, A.P. Desai, M.K. Jain, Vidya Kulkarni, Preeti Patel, A.M. Wardakar,
P.S. Bhui and G.V. Koppikar

Dermatophytoses in infants                                                                                                    522
A Kamalam, Shafath Ahmed and A.S. Thambiah

Necrotising fasciitis                                                                                                                525
K.C. Aggarwal, Sudershan Kumar, Bhushan Kumar, A.K. Malik and Anil Narang

Fetal exposure to maternal hyperbilirubinemia                                                            527
A.P. Dubey, A. Garg and B.D. Bhatia


ICC is rare in Muslims                                                                                     529
Kulkarni Kumar Balkrishna

Environmental factors: extensive use of copper utensils a vegetarian diet in The causation of Indian Childhood Cirrhosis                                                                          529
Santosh K. Chaudhary

The cost analysis of antibiotics in pediatric practice                                                              531
A.P. Gupta

Umbilical hernia                                                                        532
A.P. Gupta, Abha Gupta and Sharda Goyal                                                                                  

Umbilical hernia                                                                      533
R. Kulshrestha


The Newborn Child                                                                                  535
Sudershan Kumari

NOTES AND NEWS                                                         469, 506, 535, 536



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