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Indian Pediatrics August 1983; Volume 20: Number 8

Editor: Santosh K. Bhargava

Publication Secretary                                                                                     Secretary of the Committee
S.C. Arya                                                                                                        R.N. Srivastava

Table of Contents


Perinatal Care                                                                                       547
S.K. Bhargava


Fetal growth variations – I. Influence of maternal size and nutrition on identification of Fetal growth retardation                                                                549
V. Bhargava, M. Chatterjee, A. Prakash, B. Bhatia and A. Mishra

Effect of tabacco chewing by mothers on placental morphology                                            561
P. Agarwal, M. Chansoriya and K.K. Kaul

Myocardial ischaemia following birth asphyxia                                     567
S.R. Daga, P.G. Prabhu, L. Chandrashekhar and M.P. Lokhande

Clinical and serological evaluation of live measles vaccine in India                                        573
M.A. Phadke, J.J. Rodrigues, J.M. Mehta and V. Ayachit

Hemolytic disease of the newborn in Rh(D) positive mothers                                               577
S.C. Gupta, R.H. Merchant, S.R. Joshi and H.M. Bhatia

Evaluation of the Minolta jaundice meter as a screening device in Indian babies: A preliminary communication                                       583
Narang and V.B. Buche

Detection of protein energy and malnutrition                                                         587
R.C. Bhardwaj, R.N. Singh and B.D. Gupta

H-Y antigen and karyotypic analysis in patients with abnormal sexual differentiation and development                    593
K. Kucheria, R.K. Kenue, D.K. Mitra, V. Bhargava, N. Taneja and P. Upadhyaya

Perinatal mortality in South East Rajasthan                                                                            599
B Bhandari and S.l. Mandowara


Hydatid cyst of orbit – unusual cause of proptosis                                                   605
G.C. Jain, A.P. Gupta, B.N. Purohit, S.K. Lodha and S. Jain

Yersinia enterocolitica enteritis                                                                   607
Kamna Jain, S.C. Jain, G.J. Rindani and D.S. Chitnis

Craniosynostosis – Crouzon’s disease and Apert Syndrome                                                   608
Meharban Singh, Fazal Hadi, G.N. Aram and L.S. Arya


Niemann-Pick disease                                                                               613
P. Warey, S.K. Tamer, S.K. Agrawal and U. Chaturvedi

Acute lymphoblastic leukemia with swellings of thyroid and hard palate                               614
R.G. Goel and Ismail Amin

Protracted diarrhea and its management                                               615
K.B. Kulkarni

Protracted diarrhea (Reply)                                        616
Sheila Bhave

Recommendations of report of the task force of minimum perinatal care, Ministry of health & Family Welfare, Govt. of India                                                                 617


Essentials of neuro-anatomy                                                                 621
C Anand                       

Human genetics – problems and approaches                                          621
K. Kucheria

A textbook of neonatal surgery                                                         621
P.P. Goel

NOTES & NEWS                                  559, 565, 581, 591, 612, 620, 622, 623



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