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Indian Pediatrics February 1982; Volume 19: Number 2

Editor: Santosh K. Bhargava

Publication Secretary                                                                                     Secretary of the Committee
S.C. Arya                                                                                                        R.N. Srivastava

Table of Contents



Your accident                          119
A.P.R. Aluwihare


A longitudinal study of language development in small for dates children from Birth to five years               123
Santosh K. Bhargava, I. Dutta and Sudarshan Kumari

Bacteriology of weaning foods in some areas of Varanasi           131
D.K. Agarwal, Subhash Chandra, B.D. Bhatia, S.C. Sanyal and K.N. Agarwal

Dynamics of growth in craniofacial width                    135
A.K. Mehrotra and D.S. Gupta

BCG versus Tuberculin test: for the diagnosis of childhood tuberculosis                     141
Tirthankar Datta and Krishna Sen

Erythema nodosum as a marker of childhood tuberculosis                 147
Meharban Singh, M.H. Ziayee, G.N. Aram and L.S. Arya

Psychometric evaluation in congenital hydrocephalic children                                       151

  1. Jhansi Laxmi and D. Raja Reddy

A study of intellectual performance of epileptic children                                   155
Anil Kaushik and M. Sehgal

Peak expiratory flow rates of school age girls from Punjab (second report)                                         161
S.K. Malik, S.K. Jindal, P.K. Sharda and Neelam Banga


BCG – Dilemma                                                                      165

  1. Bhandari, S.L. Mandowara and Rajesh Chhaparwal

Pulmonary function tests in clinical practice                                             175
S.K. Malik

BRIEF REPORTS                

Paratyphoid ‘A’ encephalitis in two preschool children                        179
P.P. Maiya, Malati Jadhav, Thomas Stephen and Prabhakar D. Moses

Retino-oto-diabetic Syndrome (Alstrom’s syndrome)                                181
L.N. Raja, M.L. Magotra, L.M. Hiremath and J.N. Deodhar

Rieger’s syndrome                                                      183
N.B. Kumta, Usha Agarwal and A. S. Salviwala

GM1 Gangliosidosis type II                          185
Z.M. Patel, S.S. Iyer, L.M. Ambani, R.H. Suchak and R.P. Agarwal

Carcinoma of the tongue in a young child of eleven years                        187
N.K. Soni and P. Chatterji

NOTES AND NEWS                                         134, 150, 160, 173, 189, 193



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