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Indian Pediatrics September 1981; Volume 18: Number 9

Editor: Santosh K. Bhargava

Publication Secretary                                                                                     Secretary of the Committee
S.C. Arya                                                                                                        R.N. Srivastava

Table of Contents


All-India Hospital Post-Partum Programme                                        613
K.N. Agarwal and B.D. Bhatia


Under-graduate and Post-graduate Pediatric Education in Czechoslovakia                             615
Ramesh K. Puri,


Family Welfare and Child Health: A reappraisal of community based Post-Partum Programme   619
Sudershan Kumari, Santosh K. Mittal, Savita Gupta, Sneh Lata Mishra and D.D. Roy

Optimum age of Measles immunization: Study of pre-immmunization and post-Immunization level of HI antibody titres                   625
S.K. Bhatnagar, Man Mohan, Prem Kumar, S. Balaya, A.K. Prabhakar and S.K. Bhargava

Optimum age of Measles immunization: Study of maternal and transplacentally Transmitted Measles antibodies in Infancy                   631
Man Mohan, P.K. Mehta, S. Sehgal, A.K. Prabhakar and S.K. Bhargava

An epidemiological survey during an outbreak of cholera in Indore city                                            637
P. Parekh, M. Ketkar, R. Arora, S. Sharma, B.C. Chhaparwal, S.D. Singh and M.M. Arora

A study of severe anemia in hospitalized children in Afghanistan                   643
R.G. Goel, M.K. Bhan, Shafiqa Azamy, Rohima Ahrary and R.N. Srivastava

Studies of Fetal growth patterns: Intra-uterine growth percentiles for singleton live-born babies       647
B.D. Bhatia, V. Bhargava, M. Chatterjee, V.L.N. Kota, L.I. Singh and N.P. Jain       

Trends in Breast feeding: Impressions from urban educated community                              655
Tirthankar Datta and Shobhana George

Hepatic and serum copper in Indian Childhood Cirrhosis                                                       661
B. Bhandari, R. Mehta and B. Sharda


Hand Washing: Simple but effective                               665
D. Vidyasagar


Congenital chloride diarrhea                                            667
D.C. Sharda and Nadia Al Ajlouni

Infantile Myasthenia Gravis                                 670
R. Anandam, C. Sulekha and T. Raman

Achondrogenesis                                                                   672
Gururaj Aithala, Meera Baliga, Subbalakshmi Murthi and A. Venkatesh


Immunological response of the low birth weight babies                                                        677
M. Masand

Measles immunization                                                              677
H. Paramesh

Laurence Moon Biedle Syndrome                                                       679
Vinod Puri, K. Chopra, G.C. Rastogi and A. Gupta

Falacy of BCG test                                                             680
Santosh K. Mittal and R.C. Gupta

ANNOUNCEMENT                                                    681

NOTES AND NEWS                                                  636



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