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Indian Pediatrics October 1981; Volume 18: Number 10

Editor: Santosh K. Bhargava

Publication Secretary                                                                                     Secretary of the Committee
S.C. Arya                                                                                                        R.N. Srivastava

Table of Contents


Neonatal Care: A newborn’s right and not a luxury                                      687
S.K. Bhargava


Clinical noninvasive technology and its applicability to Pediatrics in the developing countries     691
D. Vidyasagar

Undergraduate Pediatric education in India                                                                            695
K.K. Kaul


Effect of posture on arterial oxygen tension in preterm infants                                                         701
Jaikishan, S.K. Bhargava and F. Rehman

Biochemical values in the Indian newborn: A study at birth of the normal lowbirth weight and full term infants                                                                                     705
J.N. Vegad, A.M. Sur, G. Ramanatha Rao, B.R. Master and V.D. Bambole

Acid base alteration in neonatal respiratory distress                                                              711
Jaikishan, B. Rath,  F. Rehman  and S.K. Bhargava

Simplified assessment of gestational age at birth in community                                                        715
Indira Narayanan and V.V. Gujaral

Skin fold thickness of newborn and its correlation to the gestational age and birth weight         721
Vinod Puri and S. Thirupuram Iyer

Lung puncture: A diagnostic aid in childhood pneumonia                                                      727
S.K. Kalra, T. Sasidharan, V. Vatwani and Prabir Sarkar

An etiological study of Juvenile Cataract                                                                                 731
Usha Mhaiskar, N.B. Kumta, A.s. Saliwala, Gautami Naik, T.N. Ursekar

Study of feeding practices and morbidity pattern during first year of life                              735
O.P. Jaiswal, Ashraf Malik, Z. Ansari and S.N. Sinha

Morbidity relted to feeding pattern in privileged urban and under-privileged rural infants               743
V. Kumar, L. Kumar and P. Diwedi


Ascariasis causing intestinal obstruction in a 45 day old infant                                                         751
Arvind K. Rathi, Subhash Batra, Jagdish Chandra and S.N. Mehrotra

“Whistling Sign” – A diagnostic feature of Laryngotracheal foreign body                              752
V.N. Chaturvedi and R.M. Raizada

Focal Glomerulosclerosis with cerebral infarction in a young nephrotic patient                                754
K. Raghu, A.K. Malik, B.N. Datta, A. Narang and S. Mehta

Chronic spinal subdural hematoma                                                                                        
Sushil Kumar, Suman Nagpal, Krishan Mohan and Mohini Nayyar

Meckel Gruber Syndrome (Dysencephalia splanchnocystica)                                                  757
B. Bhandari, S.. Mandowara and R. Mehta

Prenatal diagnosis of Meckel Syndrome                                                                                  760
Z.M. Patel, S.S. Iyer, M.I. Khatkatay, A. Mandlekar, A.J. Baxi, R.R. Pai,
U.M. Joshi and L.M. Ambani


Osteogenesis Imperfecta                                                                     762
Vinod Puri and N.K. Anand

Digital Occlusion in an infant                            765
V.R. Deshmukh and A.P. Dubey

Scoring system for the diagnosis of tuberculosis in children                              766
Kulkarni Kumar Balkrishna

Hepatoblastoma                                                                      767
A.K. Gupta, U.C. Lahori, D.B. Sharma and R.K. Arya

Oral rehydration                                              769
Santosh K. Mittal

NOTES AND NEWS                                                                                                                   

Recommendations on neonatal care in India                                           771

Institute of Child Health (25 years of service: 1956-1980)



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