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Indian Pediatrics June 1981; Volume 18: Number 6

Editor: Santosh K. Bhargava

Publication Secretary                                                                                     Secretary of the Committee
S.C. Arya                                                                                                        R.N. Srivastava

Table of Contents


Cancer in Childhood: Need for a planned approach                             363
R.K. Gandhi


Solid malignant tumours of infancy and childhood: a clinicopathological study                                 365
K.V. Venugopal, T.P. Joseph and K.K. Varma

Acute diarrhea of infants and children: a bacteriological study                         369
K.C. Agarwal, B.R. Panhotra, B.N.S. Walia, Archana Ayyagari and Parvati Joshi

Protracted diarrhea of infancy: its aetiology and management in 25 patients                                     373
N.K. Arora, M.K. Bhan and O.P. Ghai

Antibody response to three doses of conventional and double dose OPV and to six doses of conventional OPV                                             379
C.I. Jhala and R.K.D. Goel

A study of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase activity in Bhanushali and non-Bhanushali Children     385
J.S. Anand, A.J. Baxi, R.J. Nirmal, M.R. Adalja and A.K. Anand

Gastric elongation in massive small bowel resection: an experimental study on albino rats           389
G. Gopal

Serum Copper in Sickel Cell Disease                                395
S.R. Behera, K.N. Satpathy, B.K. Patnaik, C. Panda and D. Das

PRACTITIONERíS COLUMN                                         

Heal illnesses in children                    401
Santosh K. Mittal


Neonatal Arginosuccinic aciduria                405
R. Kuttan, L.V. Devarajan, M. Jadhav and A.N. Radhakrishnan

Chondrodysplasia punctate                  410
S.S. Dhareshwar, K.P. Mehta, S.L. Patkar, Z.M. Patel and L.M. Ambani

Cornelia-De-Lange syndrome                               412
N.B. Kumta and Usha Mhaiskar

Morganiís hernia masquerading as cardiomegaly                                     413
V.R. Ravi Kumar, S. Sundarajan, G. Srimathy and G.N. Lakshminarayan


Bulging forNanel following triple vaccine                                                           417
Renuka Mathur and Sudarshan Kumari


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