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Indian Pediatrics December 1981; Volume 18: Number 12

Editor: Santosh K. Bhargava

Publication Secretary                                                                                     Secretary of the Committee
S.C. Arya                                                                                                        R.N. Srivastava

Table of Contents


Models for maternal and child health care                                                851
Vijay Kumar


Importance of pediatric in primary health care                                                        855
K.S. Sanjivi

New horizons in education for the mentally handicapped                                                       859
Seeta Sinclair

Short stature – Endocrine basis, evaluation and treatment                              863
Vinod Kumar


Beliefs and practices or rural mothers regarding ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ food during Childhood illnesses         871
Vijay Kumar, Sheila Taneja, Manjeet Real, Madhu Nanda and K. Vanaja

Leucocyte protein and free α-amino nitrogen alterations in children in different grades of protein energy malnutrition                                             879
Harbans Lal, A.S. Saini and S.C. Sood

Factors affecting the amniotic fluid excretory products                                   883
K.P. Mistry, R.V. Bhatt, U.J. Modi and M.C. Shah

Cerebrospinal fluid lactic acid levels in meningitides in children                                         891
S.C. Singhal, JlC. Lall, Harjit Singh, V.P. Agarwal and K.N. Rao

A study of cerebral palsy with special reference to psychosocial and economic problems                 895
Meenakshi Sharma, S. Saxena and Prem Prakash

Outbreak of Salmonella infection in a pediatric department                                                   899
Sheila Singh Paul, Raj Rani Pawa, Manorma Verma and Daljit Singh

Palpable gall bladder in India childhood cirrhosis                                                                  905
Anand N. Pandit, Sheila A. Bhave, Dilip G. Sidhaye and Govind V. Datar

Cryosurgery – A new modality for the management of umbilical granuloma of newborn                         909
Shirish S. Sheth


Prepenile scrotum                                              913
Amarjit Singh, Hardev Singh and U.S. Dhaliwal

Corpulmonale due to laryngomalacia in Down’s syndrome                                914
K.C. Aggarwal, A. Rastogi and Sunit Singhi

Paracephalic acardiac monster with myelomeningocele and Arnold-Chiary malformation             916
G. Gopal

Cushing’s disease in an infant                                             918
K. Prabhakar, Lata Kumar, Iqbal Chand Pathak, Radha Raman and J. Dash

Chromosomal studies in constitutional aplastic anemia                                                         921
B.C. Mehta, M.B. Agarwal, N.B. Kumta, G.V. Kolluri and U.M. Mhaiskar


Unusual birth weights in twins                                                                                                           925
Kh. Tomba Singh, S. Bijoy Singh, N. Nabakishore Singh and Th. Ninibala Devi

Spontaneous expulsion of bronchial foreign body                                                                  926
Nabendu Choudhury

Goldenbar syndrome (Oculo-auriculo-vertebral dysplasia) in newborn                                              927
P.C. Verma, G.P. Mathur, Sarla Mathur and Y.D. Singh

Is breast feeding really protective?                                                               928
N.C. De

Gestational age assessment at peripheral level                                                       929
Vijay Agarwal and Promila Butani

ANNOUNCEMENT                              898, 937

NOTES AND NEWS                                        858, 877, 899, 923



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