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Indian Pediatrics August 1981; Volume 18: Number 8

Editor: Santosh K. Bhargava

Publication Secretary                                                                                     Secretary of the Committee
S.C. Arya                                                                                                        R.N. Srivastava

Table of Contents


Towards a National policy on Poliomyelitis                                           503
T. Jacob John


Magnitude of problem of Poliomyelitis                                       507
R.N. Basu

Costs and benefits of immunization in India                                          513
T. Jacob John


Peak expiratory flow rate of healthy school boys from Punjab                               517
S.K. Malik, S.K. Jindal, P.K. Sharda and N. Banga

Leucocyte protein and free alpha amino nitrogen levels in Marasmus                              523
Harbans Lal, A.S. Saini, N.S. Yadav and P.S. Dhatt

Epidemiology and prevention of Poliomyelitis in south India                            527
N. Prabakar, V. Srilatha, D. Mukarji, A. John, A. Rajarathnam and T.J. John

Paralytic Poliomyelitis: Clinical and virological observations                                                 533
P.P. Maiya, Malti Jadhav, P. Mukundan and T.J. John

Spurt in Poliomyelitis in Madras                                         539
N. Sundaravalli, R. Narmada, Shankar, Nedunchezian and P. Mukundan

Influence of environmental factors on underfive morbidity                                                   545
D.K. Agarwal and G.P. Katiyar

A study of primary school health in Bombay                                      551
Ancilla T. Tragler

Necrotising enteritis in children Part I                                  557
T.C. Parvathy and K.K. Varma

The growth  pattern of upper and lower extremity during adolescence                            563
K.S. Sathyavathi, K.N. Agarwal and Dev K. Agarwal


Spondylo-epiphyseal dysplasia tarda                              577
Man Mohan, V.K. Rehan and V.N. Baijal

Intramedullary epidermoid                                 578
Sushil Kumar, B. Prakash, P.S. Lodha and R. Malik

Yolk sac tumour of the pineal region                                    581
S.K. Shankar, T. Vasudeva Rao, G. Vidyasagar and D.H. Deshpande          

Holt Oram syndrome                                    585
Rajeshwar Dayal, P.P. Mathur and Ramesh Prasad

Necrotising enterocolitis in older children                                   587
B.P. Kalani and S. Germani


Visceral leishmaniasis in Afghanistan                                593
Meharban Singh, L.S. Arya and G.N. Aram

Indian Academy of Pediatrics and immunization practice in India                          593
T. Jacob John

Small Pox vaccination                              594
R.H. Merchant

Breast feeding                           595
Santosh K. Mittal

Counter current immunoelectrophoresis in the diagnosis of meningococcal meningitis                   597
Ayyagari, J. Mahanta, K. Borah, K.C. Agarwal and R. Kaur

Oral rehydration therapy                                                 598
Santosh K. Mittal

Oral rehydration therapy                                                599
Vijay Kumar

Notes and News                                                    544, 562

Book Review                                602



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