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Indian Pediatrics November 1980; Volume 17: Number 11

Editor: Santosh K. Bhargava

Publication Secretary                                                                                     Secretary of the Committee
S.C. Arya                                                                                                        R.N. Srivastava

Table of Contents

Editorial                                                   859

Vijay Kumar

Study of plasma zinc in protein energy malnutrition                            863
R. Goel, P.K. Misra

Study of plasma copper in protein energy malnutrition                           869
R. Goel, P.K. Misra and T.D. Seth

Prolactin and cortisol in hypoalbuminemia                     875
Bijon Chakraborty, Sumitra Chakraborty, Prasanta Guha,
K.K. Ghosh and S.K. Pai

Protein energy malnutrition among pre-school children in a rural Community of Manipur          879
N.C. luwang

Superstitions and child health                  883
Balvir S. Tomar

The impact of nutrition education by different methods on nutritional knowledge in rural primary school children                   887
R. Arora, V. Kumar, D. Deep and K. Vanaja

A decadeís morbidity and mortality pattern amongst children hospitalized in a Pediatric (Medical) unit  893
Ajay Kalra, D.N. Pandey and R.S. Dayal

Marfanoid skeletal features in three generations of a family                              897
Mathew Punnachalil

Congenital deficiency of factor VII. Case Reports of non-identical twins                901
S.C. Jain, M.I. Quadri, Gurjeewan Garewal, O.N. Bhakoo and K.C. Das

Apertís syndrome                             907
K. Indira Bai, Y. Appa Rao, N.M.A. Salam, C.H. Shantaram

Letter to the Editor                                   909

Books Reviews                                  911

Notes and News                                                  873


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