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Indian Pediatrics May 1980; Volume 17: Number 5

Editor: Santosh K. Bhargava

Publication Secretary                                                                                     Secretary of the Committee
S.C. Arya                                                                                                        R.N. Srivastava

Table of Contents


Editorial: Style and contents                                  399

The Vancouver style                                                  400

A study of acute renal failure                                                  405
V.P. Choudhry, R.N. Srivastava, A. Vellodi, V.N. Bhuyan and O.P. Ghai

Plasma cortisol immunoreactive insulin and oral glucose tolerance in protein caloric malnutrition       411
P.K. Misra, C.G. Agarwal, B. Prakash and P.C. Bajpai

Lipoprotein profile in Nehprotic syndrome                        416
B. Bhandari and S.L. Mandowara

Intracranial space occupying lesions in children at Lucknow                     420
G.K. Malik, G.C. Rastogi, D.K. Chhabra, I. Wakhlu, V.S. Dave and S.C. Tandon

Early discharge of infants with birthweight of 1800g. or less                        425
Santosh K. Bhargava, Sudershan Kumari, S. Bawa, Panna Choudhry and U.B. Lall

Volumetric study of sella turcica in North Indian children                      430
K. Garg, R. Mathur, S. Gupta, I. Bahl and K. Kaul

Analytic study of Trauma pattern in pediatrics age group in Indore region                   434
S.K. Bandi and S.N. Agarwal

The current status of Pyogenic Meningitis                                  438
Lata Kumar, Satyanarayan Chitlangiya and Archana Ayyagari

Gastric mucosa in chronic iron deficiency anemia of childhood                           445
P.S. Dhatt, V.D. Dewan, G.C. Mehrotra, R.K. Arya, Harjit Singh, S.C. Sood, H.C. Mehta and A.D. Tewari

An analytical study of ten cases of Tuberous selerosis                           453
Jayakar Thomas, S. Premlata, Patrick Yesudian and A.S. Thambiah

Gastric aspirate examination for early detection of neonatal Septicemia              458
R.C. Agarwal, Zeenat Ansari, S.H. Ahmad, A.K. Datta and Rajendra Kumar

Hartnup disease                              462
B. Sahai, V.P. Gopinathan, J.C. Sindhi and P.V.S. Rana

Ophthalmoplegia plus syndrome                          465
R.J. Barve and P.W. Kandoth

Liver-fluke infestation (Fasciola hepatica)                469
S.S. Bhambal, N.R. Bhandari and Rashmi Bajpai

Review article

Nasojejunal and nasoduodenal tube feeding                                   472
R.K. Agarwal and Nirmal Jindal

Letter to Editor                                                    476



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