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Indian Pediatrics March 1980; Volume 17: Number 3

Editor: S. Gupta

Assistant Editors: G.
Srivastava And N.K. Anand

Table of Contents

Presidential Address                             211

Beta-thalassaemia syndrome as seen in Northern India                 219
Prita Trehan, Nishi Madan, O.P. Ghai and S.K. Sood

Neonatal Outcome: Correlation with Goodwin’s High risk score                        227
Savita Rani, Sudarshan Kumari, Sisir Paul, S. Vohra and V.V. Gujral

Nosocomial salmonella typhimrium epydemic in a neonatal special care unit                   233
Vinod Puri, S. Thirupuram, A. Khalil, A. Vergheese, and S. Gupta

A Study of radiological changes in protein calorie malnutrition                           241
S.M. Mehta, P. Parekh, M.A. Khan, S.D. Singh, M. Rawat and P.S. Mathur

Acute diarrhoea in malnourished children Clinical, biochemical and bacteriological profile        247
S.K. Mittal, Sheila Saxena, N. Mundkur, G. Srivastava and S. Gupta

Impact of Special care services on perinatal and neonatal outcome                   255
Meharban Singh, Neelam Sud, L.S. Arya and V. Hingorani

A review of child rearing practices prevalent in the families of hospitalized Children at Gwalior        261
M.L. Gupta, D.S. Dave, Y.P. Thawrani and P.S. Mathur

Co-relation of scholastic performance with hearing and visual defects               267
K. Kathuria and A. Gupta

Visuo Motor Coordination time in normal children                                275
K.P. Skandhan, S.K. Mehta, Y.B. Mehta and H.K. Gaur

Therapeutic Trial of amitryptiline in the treatment of nocturnal enuresis -  A controlled study          279
Prakash Chandra Mishra, Vijay Krishna Agarwal, and Hifzur Rehman

Oral thrush in the new-born              287
Sindhu S. Daftary, Shyam V. Desai, Mansukh V. Shah aand Shirish N. Daftary

Practitioner’s Column:

Health baby competition, Crowning a baby with a prize                  289
D.R. Jhala, A.R. Shah

Review Article:

Zinc in pediatric nutrition and therapy                              290
B. Bhandari and B. Sharda

Case of the Month:

Tricho-phytobezoar                  297
G.D. Singhal, B.D. Bhatia, and S. Chooramani    

Case Report:

Kleeblattschadel syndrome with thanatophoric dwarfism                          299
Vinod Puri, S. Thirupuram, M.M. Saha and S. Gupta

Fournier’s Gangrene in a 6 weeks old child                                          303
P.L.N.G. Rao, K. Yadav, and I.C. Pathak

Multiple pseudo cystic tuberculosis of the bone                                305
P. Chaturvedi, V.K. Jain, R.K. Belsare and K.V. Moghe

Acute chloroquin toxicity in infants                                 309
D.K. Guha and Lalit K. Sharma

Prolonged remission in a case with acute lymphatic leukemia                         311
V.P. Choudhry, Pratibha Singhi and A.K. Saraya

Book Review                                                        315

Notes and News                                       317



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