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Indian Pediatrics July 1980; Volume 17: Number 7

Editor: Santosh K. Bhargava

Publication Secretary                                                                                     Secretary of the Committee
S.C. Arya                                                                                                        R.N. Srivastava

Table of Contents

Editorial: Indian Childhood Cirrhosis yesterday, today and tomorrow                        577

N.C. Nayak

Indian Childhood Cirrhosis: A complete classified review (1887-1980)                 581
Arvind G. Bhagwat

Study of the role of tryptophan metabolism in Indian Childhood Cirrhosis                       587
J.R. Srivastava, S.T. Rao and B.K. Sur

Aflatoxin and Indian Childhood Cirrhosis                                               593
P.C. Bhandari and B. Bhandari

Serum glycoproteins in Indian Childhood Cirrhosis                  597
B.M. Raturi, S. Saxena, U. Sharma, P.P. Gupta and Madhu Raturi

Demonstration of specific antigenicity of various fractions of human liver homogenates             601
T.D. Agarwal, B.D. Gupta, J.P. Dhamija and P.R. Jatkar

Incidence and mortality of hospitalised diarrhoea cases: Part III                                  607
S.K. Behera, S.S. Mohapatra, S. Kar, D. Das and C. Panda

Evaluation of serum gamma glutamyl transferase (SGGT) in parenchymal liver disorders of children    613
A.K. Rathi, Veena Gupta, A.N. Singh and D.K. Srivastava

Purified human Ascaris antigen in the diagnosis of Ascariasis              619
Daya Prakash, R. Chandra, J.K. Bhatnagar, Vidya Bhushan, Krishna Mukherji and K.G. Saxena

Case Reports:

Glycogen storage disease (Type IV): A familial cirrhosis diagnosed by electron Microscopy      625
V. Kalra, L.S. Arya and N.C. Nayak

Spontaneous appendico-cutaneous fistula                                  629
R. Vohra, P.L.N.G. Rao and I.C. Pathak

Intraperitoneal roundworm abscess                                           633
P.L.N.G. Rao, M.G. Shenoy, A. Venkatesh and P.K.R. Warrier                                                     

Letter to the Editor                                                    637

Announcements                                 612, 638, 639


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