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Indian Pediatrics January 1980; Volume 17: Number 1

Editor: S. Gupta

Assistant Editors: G. Srivastava and N.K. Anand

Table of Contents

Editorial                                              1

Reye’s syndrome report of six autopsied cases                           3
D.H. Deshpande, H.V. Srinivas and T. Vasudev Rao

A Nursery Outbreak with Salmonella Newport                        11
Sudarshan Kumari, Rajinder Gupta and Santosh K. Bhargava

Bacterial infections among home delivered neonates. Clinical picture and bacteriological profile       17
Sheila Saxena, N.K. Anand, L. Saini and S.K. Mittal

Evaluation of streptozyme test in Streptococcus – Associated Diseases            25
S. Mahadevan and Ishwar C. Verma

Clinical and Laboratory assessment of the pathogenicity of serotyped enteropathogenic escherichia coli in children with diarrheal disease                       29
R. Sarkar, H. Sehgal and A.N. Roy

Leukemia in Children a Review of 100 cases with typical clinical manifestations                     37
G. Kajarajeswari and J. Viswanathan

A study of some selected anthropometric parameters in upper class preschool Children of Jabalpur           45
Shinde R. Parekh P. and Kaul K.K.

Under nutrition among children and its relationship with the percapita income of the family    55
Raju Autony, Bal Ram and Sheela Madan

Plasma cortisol and its relation to malnutrition         59
Nirmala Vashi and Nalini Jagatiani

The 82 Br test in the diagnosis of tuberculous manigitis                  65
Pilloo E. Bharucha, E.P. Bharucha and Homai Da Casta

Practitioner’s Column                   

The diagnosis of anaemia in infancy and childhood                            69
G.K. Malik and G.C. Rastogi

Review Article

Perspectives in edema of prematurity                                   75
Meharban Singh and N.K. Sharma

Compound Naevus – Case of the Mouth                                         81
P.K. Sircar, U.P.S. Paliwal, Vipan Chandar, and B.S. Chakraborty

Tetralogy of fallot and alkaptonuria in successive generations                             83
P.P. Kaiya, N.K. Balaji, L.P. Sukumar and George Cherian

Duplication cyst of the stomach presenting as pyloric obstruction                       87
K.K. Mittal, H.G. Modi and M.A. Lohia

Empyema thoracis due to salmonella typhi                                       91
Singhi S, Rahman F, and Sinclair S.

Idiopathic cardiomegaly with pulmonary tuberculosis and severe anaemia in a female child of 12 years – a case report    97
K.V. Moghe, S.P. Ahuja

Burkitt’s Lymphoma            101
Amarjit Singh, U.S. Dhaliwal and B.L. Nagpal

Letter to Editor                       105

Notes & News                 107


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