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Indian Pediatrics February 1980; Volume 16: Number 2

Editor: S. Gupta

Assistant Editors: G.
Srivastava And N.K. Anand

Table of Contents

The impact of malnutrition on intelligence                      109

Ajay Kalra, M.N. Misra, Ramesh Kumar, P. Prasad and R.S. Dayal

Growth hormone secretion in malnutrition                                117
Nirmala Vashi and M. Agboatwalla

DPT immunisation and malnutrition                      123
Shanti Ghosh, Man Mohan, Smita Khoche, S.N. Ray and K. Ray

Immune status in malnutrition                       127
Vyom Puri, P.K. Misra, K.C. Saxena, P.N. Saxena, R.P. Saxena and C.G. Agarwal

Weight/Height2 ratio in assessment of protein calorie malnutrition                 135
Vandna Sen, B.K. Purohit and T.P. Jain

Thyroid status in children with moderate to severe protein calorie malnutrition           139
Bharat M. Parekh and Nirmala Vashi

Mortality in Children – An analysis of 1690 Deaths                          145
S.M. Lokeshwar and Pragna M. Pai

Hypothermia in malnutrition             151
P. Suvarna Devi and A.C. Parija

Active rheumatic carditis as the cause of congestive heart failure in children           155
S. Saxena, N.K. Anand and S. Vaishnava

Meconium staining of Amniotic Fluid                            163
Abraham C. Kuruvilla, John. V. Kelly and William J.R. Daily

Systemic fungal infection in newborn                   171
Anita Khalil, S. Thirupuram, B. Iyengar and S. Gupta

Acrocephalopolysyndactyly Type-II (Carpenter’s Syndrome)            175
Vinod Puri, S. Thirupuram, T.S. Jain, A. Khalil and M.M. Saha

Isolated pyogenic liver abscess in child following measles                179
Nandini Mundkur and S.K. Mittal

Acute non-specific mesenteric adenitis                       181
N. Chaudhury, S. Saha, D. Chakravorty, C.R. Joshi and A.K. Mitra

Fanconi Anemia with primary pneumococcal peritonitis                   185
M.B. Agarwal and B.C. Mehta

Practitioner’s Column:

How to wean the baby                       191
Vipan Chander, P.K. Sircar and U.P.S. Paliwal

Review Article:

Foetal Alcohol Syndrome                           195
Rani Kumar and V. Bijlani

Prostaglanding – An Operating Factor for infantile Diarrhoea – A Case Report          199
P. Thirumalaikolundusubramanian and K.M. Palanivelu

Cong. Club Hand (Radius aplasia syndrome- Case of the Month)                      201
D.B. Das and R. Satpathy

Bileduct – Hamartomain needle biopsy of liver                           203
S.R. Bhusnurmatah, A.G. Bhagat and A. Koshy

Letter to Editor              205

Book Review                                           207

Notes & News                                    209


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