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Indian Pediatrics July 1979; Volume 16: Number 7

Editor: S. Gupta

Assistant Editors: G.
Srivastava And N.K. Anand

Table of Contents

Sugar intolerance in acute diarrhoeal illnesses                             561

Johny Vincent and Omana Mathew

Bacteriological, mycological and parasitological study in childhood diarrhoeas in Bikaner (Western Rajasthan)                                              569
N. Miglani, U.K. Lohra and B.D. Gupta

Clinical profile of juvenile diabetes                                     577
J.C. Patel and M.M. Kumbhat

Rheumatoid arthritis in children                                      581
I Wakhlu, G.K. Malik and P.N. Saksena

Serum Immunoglobulin E levels in normal healthy children                                587
N.K. Anand, K. Suri, S. Janah, K. Saha and S. Gupta

Study of neonatal haematological values in relation to maternal and foetal factors and incidence of transplacental passage of foetal erythrocytes                 591
B.R. Rama Rao, P.N. Krishnamurthy, K.L. Aggarwal, T.A. Bailur, Dinesh Bhandary and P.M. George

A clinical study on prevalence of heart diseases among children in Jammu and surrounding area  597
K.C. Verma, Parveen Chhabra and M.l. Magotra

Mucopolysaccharidoses                              607
M.L. Magotra and P.K. Sarkar

Renal involvement in congenital syphilis – a review and study of 60 cases                  611
Kumud P. Mehta and S.V. Gharpure

Tribals of Madhya Pradesh – A “Knowledge, attitude and practice” Survey of infant feeding practices  617
S. Mudgal, V.J. Rajput, M. Chansoria and K.K. Kaul

Clinico pathologic conference                  

Congestive heart failure in a child with protein calorie malnutrition            623
Arvind Taneja and Vijay V. Joshi              

Salmonella infection in the newborn – a review (with special reference to Nursery epidemics)  629
S.C. Jain and O.N. Bhakoo

Congenital and neonatal malaria                        637
N. Miglani, B.D. Gupta and G.L. Gupta

Two cervical cord meningiomas in a child – (a case report)             639
V. Bhushan, N.K. Anand Reddy, Sudha Rani and Lata Saini

Litterer siwe disease – report of a case                                        643
S.K. Shankar, K. Joshi and V.P. Choudhary

Intradiploeic hydatid cyst of the occipital bone in a child                      647
D. Raja Reddy, B. Murlidhar, K. Rajyalakshmi, V. Venkatram Reddy,
Suguna Rammohan and J.R. Verma

Nasal Glioma                            651
J.P. Goravalingappa, J.H. Makannavar and C.S. Belagavi

Multiple trichilemmal cysts – (a case report)                       655
S. Premalatha, V.R. Janaki, N.B. Baktha Reddy and A.S. Thambiah

Letter to the editor                                 658

Book Review                            659

Notes & News                                           660



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