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Indian Pediatrics January 1979; Volume 16: Number 1

Editor: S. Gupta

Assistant Editors: G. Srivastava and N.K. Anand

Table of Contents

Editorial: Psychological factors in health planning                                1

Satya Gupta

Immune response in malnutrition – study following routine DPT immunization          3
Sisir Paul, L. Saini, S. Grover, K. Ray, S.N. Ray and S. Gupta

Pround hypothermia and circulatory arrest in the surgical correction of  Congenital cardiac defects in infants                  11
L. Sulochana, M.R. Girinath, K.M. Cherian, R.K. Kalyan Singh and K. Narasimha Reddy

Polyacrylamide gel electrophoretic studies of cerebrospinal fluid preoteins and lactate Dehydrogenase isoenzymes in tuberculous meningitis and certain neurological disorders          15
N. Sundaravalli, S. Janakiraman, Ananthasubramaniam G. Ranganathan and V. Balagopal Raju

Role of physical therapy in treatment of poliomyelitis                       23
Ravish Kumar, A.K. Shrivastava, V.K. Agarwal and H. Rahman

Microbiological studies on gastroenteritis in hospitalised children in Goa                  27
Suneela Manivkurve and Valentina Ferrao

An epidemiological study of diarrhea amongst children under five years of age In a slum community   33
M. Saran, S.D. Gaur, B.L. Verma and Arun Kumar

Effect of intrauterine growth and gestational maturity on the morbidity and mortality pattern of babies requiring special care                 41
J.N. Bhalla, M. Bhalla and J.R. Srivastava

Common morbid  conditions of children – an epidemiological exercise under group project work training of undergraduates                                   49
C.K. Purohit

Child abuse                    57
B.R. Santhanakrishnan, V.S. Sridhar, S. Sriram, M.V.K. Shetty, V. Balagopal Raju

Cephalhaematoma in the newborn                                 61
Indira Narayanan, Kavita Dua and Vimla V. Gujaral

Review Article

Infantile autism and childhood schizophrenia                                            65
M.P.E. Bharucha

Burkitt’s lymphoma – An autopsy report with review of the literature                 71
Subhash C. Sharma, V.P. Choudhry and Kusum Verma

Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia – A case report                                         77
S. Sreenath, Anil Narang and Arvind Taneja

Acrodynia – A case report                                              81
K. Indira Bai, V.N. Sastry, M. Dharma Rao and G. Krishna Rao

Leprechaunism – An unusual case with cardiac anomaly                       83
Mithilesh Chandra and J.P. Tayal

Intrathecal Methotrexate induced meningitis                                   87
V.P. Chaudhry and R.K. Marwa

Bile Ascitis – case report with review of literature                                 91
B.D. Gupta, M. Miglani and G.L. Gupta

Important Announcement                    94


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