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Indian Pediatrics August 1979; Volume 16: Number 8

Editor: S. Gupta

Assistant Editors: G.
Srivastava And N.K. Anand

Table of Contents

Prenatal sex determination by endocervical smear a new approach in antenatal diagnosis         661

M.A. Phadke, D.V. Telang, P.C. Sankholkar, U.V. Nagh, V.A. Khedkar, G.S. Sainani and G.S. Mutalik

Serum Haptoglobins in childhood malaria                              665
Ashok Patwari, P.K. Joseph, S. Aneja and Shanti Ghosh

The role of the nitroblue tetrazolum test in respiratory tract infections                          669
L.M. Hiremath, M.A. Phadke, M.V. Phadke and G.D. Mokashi

Cerebrospinal fluid glutamic oxaloacetic transaminase level in tuberculous and pyogenic meningitis in children                  673
S.C. Praharaj, K.C. Praharaj, R.S. Murty and P. Gopal Rao

Histopathological study of Indian childhood cirrhosis                      679
V.M. Kiri, K.D. Sharma, A.V. Shivde and S. Grover

Clinical and radiological studies in children with respiratory syncytial virus infection             685
J. Jamdar, B.N.S. Walia, S.C. Agarwal and S. Suri

Radiological studies in acute infantile hemiplegia syndrome                               689
G.K. Malik, D.K. Chhabra, B. Sharma and N.L. Sharma

Treatment of tetanus neonatorum with special reference to hyperimmune blood Transfusion      693
J.C. Lall, H.L. Gupta and Dalbir Jaspal

Larvel seizures or absences or petit Mal                                        697
K. Srinivasan, T.S. Sivakumar and R. Subramaniam

Malignant diseases in children (study of 52 cases)                  701
P. Mohan Das, L. Sulochana, Chandra Asirvatham, Tamilarasi and Thangam

Partial Exchange transfusion in children with severe anemia                   707
Brijnandan Singh Walia and Shikhar Chand Jain

Nocardiosis in a child with nephrotic syndrome                        711
V. Murli Mohan, A. Narang and P. Talwar

Rothmund Thomson Syndrome (Poikiloderma Congenita) in two sister                       715
R.N. Srivastava, Shafiqa Azami, M.K. Bhan, V.P. Choudhry and P.S.N. Menon

Congenital nephrotic syndrome of finnish type in India            719
Bakul I. Dalal, V.V. Joshi, B. Nagrani, S.R. Bhushnurmath, K. Yadav and B.N.S. Walia

Congenital malignant Melanoma in a newborn                     723
Rafique Ahmed

Case of the Month                  727

Recommendations of U.G.C. Workshop on rural Child             729

Recommendations of the Indo-American Symposium on mental retardation                     733

Letter to Editor              736

Book Review                         737

Announcements                                          738


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