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Indian Pediatrics April 1979; Volume 16: Number 4

Editor: S. Gupta

Assistant Editors: G.
Srivastava And N.K. Anand

Table of Contents

Early behavioural diagnosis                                         297

Theodor Hellbrugge and Peter Pohl

Seroconversion following measles immunisation                                    309
S.K. Mittal, Anil Gulati, Prema Kumari, Vijay Bala and S. Gupta

Preliminary observations on the early detection of hyperlipidemia and hyperliporoteinemia in children       313
Asha Khanna, S. Shrivastava, M. Karmarkar, R. Tandon and O.P. Ghai

The electroencephalographic changes in febrile convulsions in children and their prognostic value     321
H. Sehgal and Kiran Bala

An analytical study of ten cases of Xeroderma pigmentosum                        327
Joyee Thomas, S. Premalatha, Patrick Yesudian and A.S. Thambiah

A clinicopathological study of malaria in early infancy                            331
P.S. Dhatt, Harjit Singh, S.C. Singhal and Sushma Madan

Some aspects of infant rearing practices and beliefs in tribal inhabitants of Himachal Pradesh     337
Lalita Bahl

A retrospective study of tetanus neonatorum and comparative assessment of diazepam in its treatment                 343
S.M. Gupta, V.P. Takkar and Ashok K. Verma

Isolated Cranial nerve paralysis in poliomyelitis                                      347
P.V. Asha Bai, Malati Jadhav and T. Jacob John

Scope of child to child programme in International year of the child                      351
M. Nagaraj Rao and Y.R. Reddi

Review article

Iron, Folates and Vitamin B12 : Physiology and Interrelations                      353
R.K. Agarwal, Ashok Nanawati and Usha George

Hereditary spherocytosis in a neonate                            359
M.B. Agarwal, Kumud P. Mehta and B.C. Mehta

Persistent foetal circulation syndrome                  363
Koteshwara Rao D.B., Suguoa S. Rao and Sheila Karan

Benign circadian pyrexia in children                                  367
A.N.D. Nanavati

Metaphyseal Dysostosis                  371
S.K. Bhargava and Vijay Pal

A variant of Galactosemia presenting as larger bilateral lenticular opacities in an older child               375
K.C. Verma, D.S. Jamwal and Subash Gupta

Kinase Defect in Galactosaemia                          377
V.R. Anand and J.C. Sindhi

Letter to Editor                                     379

Book Review                                        381

Notes and News                                             383



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