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Indian Pediatrics November 1978; Volume 15: Number 11

Editor: S. Gupta

Assistant Editors: G.
Srivastava And N.K. Anand

Table of Contents

Editorial: Dialysis in Pediatric practice                                  883

P.D. Gulati

Peritonial Dialysis in children: Review of 9 years experience                                      887
V.P. Choudhry, R.N. Srivastava, L.S. Arya, C.K. Susidharan and O.P. Ghai

Parahydroxyphenylpyruvicacidemia in Tyrosinosis                                         893
R.B. Jaiswal, Indress Bhai, H.F. Daginwala, N. Nath and M.C. Nath

Study of histopathological evidence of Alpha I antitrypsin in Indian Childhood Cirrhosis              901
Ashok Jain, Mukesh Gupta, I.N. Ramdeo, Vandana Jain and N. Miglani

Screening for Hemoglobinapathy using cellulose acetate electrophoresis in cases of hepatosplenomegaly with anaemia                                                905
D.V. Punwani, Gautami Naik, S.V. Prabhu, Simin F. Irani and N.B. Kumta

Early postnatal growth pattern of very low birth weight babies                                       909
Meharban Singh and Sunit Singhi

Hypothyroidism in childhood (A study of 100 cases)                                 915
Meena Desai, R.T. Bajaj, N.C. Joshi, S. Akruwala, A.R. Mehta and H. DaCosta                    

A comparative epidemiological profile of pyogenic and tuberculosis meningitis among hospitalised children                              923
A.S. Nalwa

A study of Twin Births                        931
G.S. Bildhaiya

Effect of maternal iron deficiency anaemia on the cord haemoglobin of the newborn                   935
G.M. Mattoo, Z. Ansari, I. Husain and S.H. Ahmad

A clinical study of congenital syphilis                                        943
D.G. Benakappa, P. Suresh, Manikya Raju, S.K. Chandrasekhar and Shivnanda

Seckelís syndrome or bird Ė headed dwarfism 2 case reports                           949
P.V. Asha Bai, Beatrice Baulah and S.X. Charles

Hemoglobin-H Disease in an Indian child                                                        953
B.C. Mehta, M.B. Agarwal, Amita Bhargava and R.H. Joshi

Brutonís Disease: A case report with unusual findings                               957
G. Rajarajeswari and J. Vishwanathan

Mollartetís meningitis (recurrent aseptic meningitis)                            961
Vishnu Bhatt, Ishwar C. Verma and Ramesh K. Puri                                                        

Choledochal cyst associated with intra hepatic cysts (Caroliís Disease)                        965
P.L.N.G. Rao, I.C. Pathak and D.V. Datta

Case of the month: Infantile cortical hyperostosis                                969
Mukesh Gupta, Chandra Mukesh and R.N. Singh

Practitionerís Column

Respiratory disorders in infants and children                                     971
Tarsem Jindal

Review Article                        

Phototherapy                                                   979
K.S. Manchanda

News                                                   983


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