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Indian Pediatrics May 1978; Volume 15: Number 5

Editor: S. Gupta

Assistant Editors: G.
Srivastava And N.K. Anand

Table of Contents

Editorial:  Leprosy in Children                                  373

Childhood leprosy – a study in an urban slum                      375
S. Jayam, K. Sekhar, K. Ramasekar and R. Ganapathi

Review of 100 cases of rheumatic fever in children                       379
D.G. Benakappa, N. Gangadharappa and A.V. Kasturi                                 

Atypical manifestations in childhood leukemia                       385
G. Rajarajeswari and J. Viswanathan

Neonatal osteomyelitis: a clinical and follow-up study                    393
Sudershan Kumari, Santosh Bhargava, V.N. Baijal and Shanti Ghosh

Oxytocin infusion during labour and neonatal jaundice                             399
Meharban Singh and S. Singhi

Intracranial hemorrhage – a cause of perinatal mortality                                  403
H.M.K. Saxena, Mithilesh Chandra, Santosh K Bhargava and Shanti Ghosh

A study of dwarfism with special reference to chromosomal aberrations                 409
Mrudula A. Phadke, G.s. Mutalik, G.S. Sainani, M.V. Phadke, S.L. Kate and
V.A. Khedkar

Care of children under five years of age – 2 years experience at a hospital out Patients       413
Shanti Ghosh and Man Mohan

Comprehensive immunisation programme at Solapur                      419
S.U. Warerkar, U.K. Warerkar, A.V. Kulkarni and V.M. Iyer

Outcome of neonatal septicemia: a clinical and bacteriological profile                       423
D.K. Guha, Dalbir Jaspal, Krishna Das M.S., A. Rashmi Guha, R.L. Khatri and R. Sri Kumar

Genetic aspects of usher’s syndrome                 429
Salil Kumar Basu and Anil Jindal

Transient hyperlipemia in pure red cell anemia – a case report        433
A Irani, A. Ajgaonkar, P. Colaco and Meena Desai                           

The klipple feil syndrome (a case report)      437
Mukesh Gupta and R.N. Singh

Multiple intracranial occlusions in a case of acute infantile hemiplegia                          439
G.K. Malik, P.K. Mishra, B. Sharma, D.K. Chhabra and N.L. Sharma

Focal dermal hypoplasia  syndrome                        443
S. Premalatha, S.M. Augustine and A.S. Thambiah         

Alkaptonuria (a case report)                                                                   445
D.B. Meundi, S.G. Bhandari

Review Article

Clinicopathological Spectrum of necrotizing enterocolitis              447
Vijay V. Joshi, M.D., P.H.D., M.R.R. Path 





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