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Indian Pediatrics July 1978; Volume 15: Number 7

Editor: S. Gupta

Assistant Editors: G.
Srivastava And N.K. Anand

Table of Contents


Incidence of Hb. S and Hb. E in twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad               535
Y.R. Reddy, L. Laxman and M. Nagaraj Rao

Evaluation of the efficiency of the delivery of different levels of health and nutrition Services to the young child                                            537
N. Srinivasan, S. Rajagopalan, A.C. Kansra and Tara Gopaldas

Infant mortality in rural areas of comprehensive rural health services project,  Ballabgarh                 547
V.P. Reddaiah and L.M. Nath

Enuresis – a study of 43 cases                           553
Pragna M. Pai, R.J. Desai and B. Barnes

Observations on aminiotic fluid bilirubin levels in relation to gestational age                557
Santosh Singh, D.S. Dave and R.K. Taluja

Immune status of low birth weight babies                         563
Meharban Singh, Shania Manerikar , A.N. Malaviya, Premawathi, Raj Gopalan and R. Kumar

Chromosomal studies in protein calorie malnutrition                 569
M.K. Tolani, M. Bagchi, P.C. Bajpai and I. Wakhlu

A study of serum and cerebrospinal fluid magnesium in case of encephalitis                       573
S.H. Ahmad, A.J. Ahmad and Z. Ansari

Neonatal immunoglobulins                        577
A.P. Mahambare, Y.S. Iyer, Mahrukh K. Joshi, Simin F. Irani and Pravina W. Kandoth

Abdominal pain in children: A clinical study                                   583
Hifzur Rahman, Brijendra Bahadur Singh, Vijay Krishna Agarwal and Ashok Kumar Srivastava

Anterior sacral meningocele: a case report                                           589
Sushil Kumar, I.C. Pathak and R. Gulati

Papillon lefevre syndrome report of two families                 593
S. Kaur, B. Kumar, T.R. Bedi and S. Sehgal

Congenital aplasia and hypoplasia of radius                                           599
S.K. Bhargava, V. Pal and R. Gupta

Fanconi’s Anaemia – a case report                                 601
B.N. Gaina, T.K. Basu and S. Vaishnava

Sickle cell anaemia with salmonella empyema thoracic – a case report                        605
P. Chaturvedi, V.K. Jain, R.K. Gupta, s. Saoji, K.V. Moghe and S.M. Sharma                        

Letter to the Editor

Chewing gum dilemma                                              607
L.G. Ramavat

Practitioner column                                      

Prolapse rectum                609
R.K. Agarwal

Announcement                                                               611



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