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Indian Pediatrics January 1978; Volume 15: Number 1

Editor: S. Gupta

Assistant Editors: G. Srivastava and N.K. Anand

Table of Contents


Inaugural Address.  Raj Narain, Hob’ble Health Minister, India.

Editorial: Priorities for child health                                         1

Growth of infants at Agra in different residential and social groups                       3
R.S. Dayal, Ramesh Kumar and K. Kalra

A Comparative study of health status of children whose parents have undergone family planning operations with those whose parents were not                          13
P.R. Choudhary, D.S. Dave, Miss R.K. Taluja and Miss Kalpana Jain

Serum immunoglubulins E levels in children of asthmatic bronchitis and their  Family members       19
K. Suri, N.K. Anand, S. Janah, S. Gupta and K. Saha

Planned Parenthood and Childcare                               27
V.M. Sundaram, Suseela Rajendran and R. Varalakshmi

Parental deprivation and delinquency                        33
A.K. Tandon and R.K. Tandon

“Diagnostic lung puncture aspiration in acute pneumonia and newborn”                         39
S. Karan, V. Shakunthala, G. Mallikarjuna Rao and S. Urmila

Serum alkaline phosphatase value in South Indian Children in relation to age, sex maturity and growth patterns                                         45
M.V. Joseph and K. Thomas John

Single dose therapy of giardiasis a comparative study of tinidazole and Metronidazole in Pediatric patients            51
K.A.  Krishnamurth and V. Saradhambal

Clinical experiences with surpristol in acute inflammatory diseases of children          57
Ramesh Sanzgiri, Om Prakash Sikchi, Bacchu Sisodia and Meena Asnani

“Hepatolenticular degeneration”                             61
P.K. Misra, P.C. Bajpai and N.L. Sharma

Progressive vaccinia successfully treated with vaccinia immune globulins                   67
Vimlesh Seth, A.N. Malaviya, Premavathy, Rajagopalan and O.P. Ghai

Tetralogy of Fallot associated with Marfan’s syndrome                                 73
M. Durairaj, Narayanan Nampoory, V. Dayasagar Rao, K.A. Abraham,
N.K. Balaji, I.P. Sukumar and George Cherian

Ellis van creveld syndrome (A Case Reports)                         75
Vyom Puri and P.K. Misra

Gastric tridermal teratoma in infancy (A Case Report)                        79
K.K. Mittal, G.H. Upadhyaya, J.M. Patel

Idiopathic hyperlipaemia (A Case Report)                                             83
K. Indira Bai, V.N. Sastry and G. Krishna Rao

Practitioner Column                                                                                                                                                      

Pyogenic meningitis in children                                             87
D.C Dhingra

Diabetes mellitus in children       91
Mukesh Gupta

Letters to the Editor                                   99

Book Review                   101

Announcement                                          103



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