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Indian Pediatrics February 1978; Volume 15: Number 2

Editor: S. Gupta

Assistant Editors: G.
Srivastava And N.K. Anand

Table of Contents

Editorial: Principles of evaluation in post-graduate medical education                           105
Satya Gupta

A survey on the immunization status and breast feeding practices of infants at Agra                      107
Ramesh Kumar, K. Kalra and R.S. Dayal

Use of jet injectors for B.C.G. vaccination                                             117
P.M. Shah, S.C. Karande, G.T. Panjabi and S.S. Nair

Renal function in children with protein calorie malnutrition                                    121
N.M.A. Salam, S. Mehta, and K.S. Chugh

Liver biopsy in the diagnosis of tuberculosis in children                   127
M.A. Malik, P. Ahmad, M. Prasad, S.H. Ahmad, K.A. Khan and K.N. Ahmad

Physical growth of infants on vegetable based infants food                  133
P.N. Shah and S.S. Nair

Veno-occlusive of the liver                                     143
R.N. Srivastava, Omar Mohabbat, A.R. Ghani and G.N. Aram

Study of physical and sexual growth of pre-adolescent and adolescent children of rural Hyderabad and their knowledge attitudes towards human reproduction and Family planning    147
Narsing Kishore, Y.C. Mathur, Saleha Qureshi and Bajrang Pershad

Neonatal jaundice: its incidence and aetiology                         155
V.R. Anand and M.L. Magotra

Evaluation of diazepam as an anti-convulsant in the treatment of tetanus neonatorum     161
Hem Sehgal, S. Wadhwa and C. Lal

Blood groups in children with rheumatic fever                                          167
S.H. Ahmad, G.M. Mattoo, K.A. Khan, A. Khan and S.K. Sanyal

The chloroquine resistant chronic vivas malaria presenting as malarial cachexia And secondary hypersplenism (A Case Report)               171
V.K. Gupta, Veena Gupta, A.K. Rathi, Kusum Gupta and B.N. Tripathi

Foreign body in the oesophgus (A Case Report)                    175
Mukesh Gupta, Ashok Jain, A.S. Rathore and Chandra Mukesh

Foreign body in oesophagus, an unusual cause of intractable vomiting in children                  177
S.H. Ahmad, A. Amir, J.U. Akbar, M. Qureshi and M.N. Ansari

Diamond blackfan syndrome with congenital dislocation of right hip                 179
L.G. Ramavat

Cutaneous primary complex following venepuncture                                181
A Irani, P. Colaco, M.P. Desai

Practitioner’s Column

Role of foetal physician in medicine                    185
K.C. Verma

Announcement                                                                                  191

Notes and News                                                         194


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