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Indian Pediatrics August 1978; Volume 15: Number 8

Editor: S. Gupta

Assistant Editors: G.
Srivastava And N.K. Anand

Table of Contents


Presidential Address                                                             613
O.P. Ghai

Neurological status in assessing the gestational age of small for date infants at birth                     615
S.P. Khatua and B.K. Manocha

Indian childhood cirrhosis and hereditary alpha I antitrypsin enzyme deficiency a preliminary communication                                    623
N. Kishore, R. Prasad, R.S. Dayal and B.B. Sharma

The diabetes mellitus syndrome in the newborn                           629
Sheila Karan, Ambadas Pathak, S. Urmila and V.C. Gowd

Nosocomial klebsiella pneumonia epidemic in a neonatal special care unit                       635
Meharban Singh, Sunit Singhi, Veena kalra and Manorma Deb

A study of antibody response to T.A.B. vaccination by subcutaneous and Intradermal routes in school children                             641
P.S. Ramakrishnan, Ebenezer Jayaprakash Norman and K.A. Krishnamurthy

Bronchoscopy in childhood tuberculosis                                         645
R. Narmada, T.M. Parameswaran, A. Parthasarathy and V. Balagopal Raju

Retinoblastoma: a clinicopathological study of 34 cases                              649
C.S. Belagavi and J.P. Goravalingappa

Anthropometric indices of children (5-15 years) of a privileged community                  653
B. Rath, Shanti Ghosh, Man Mohan and T.K.T.S. Ramanujacharyulu

Health examination of primary school children at Gwalior Part II: Immunisation status             667
D.K. Shrivastava, T.P. Thawrani and Kusum Gupta

Health examination of primary school children at Gwalior Part III: anthropometric  Assessment   671
D.K. Shrivastava, Y.P. Thawrani and Kusum Gupta                         

Evaluation of an urban child welfare centre                         681
M.K. Jain, Rita Mehta, Madhuri Kulkarni Sadhana Purandare and M.D. Shah    

Drug therapy for giardia infestation                                       687
Satya Gupta and Girish Srivastava

Hartnup Diseases a case report                                                     691
Sunit Singhi, P. Singhi, Meharban Singh and O.P. Ghai

Acute primary hyperparathyroidism Case report                                   695
S.K. Behera, B. Ahmed and G.C. Samal

Book Review: Genetic Counselling                           699

Announcement                                                     700


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