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Indian Pediatrics April 1978; Volume 15: Number 4

Editor: S. Gupta

Assistant Editors: G.
Srivastava And N.K. Anand

Table of Contents

Studies in duchenne like muscular dystrophy of female children of Eastern India                            277

Prasanta Kumar Das and Shymal Sen

Sickle cell disorder in aboriginal tribes of Chotanagpur                       287
V.K. Karan, S.N. Prasad and T.B. Prasad

Morbidity and mortality among under-5 children hospitalized with medical disorders in Afghanistan  293
R.N. Srivastava, Safiqa Azamy, Rachima Ahrary, M.K. Khan and G.D. Mogli

Growth standards for Urban and Urban slum area infants of Varanasi                            301
G.P. Katiyar, D.K. Agarwal and R.C. Yadav

A study of maternal and neonatal factors in relation to perinatal mortality                             311
Panna Choudhary, S. Thirupuram and S. Gupta

Urinary phenolic acids in Indian Childhood cirrhosis and portal cirrhosis                     319
A.S. Saini, P.S. Dhatt, H.C. Mehta, S.C. Sood and Harjit Singh

A study on incidence of different birth weight babies and related factors                      327
N.D. Datta Banik

Influence of Treatment on the size of Tuberculin Reaction                                 335
A Parthasarathy, R. Narmada, P. Shanmughasundaram, V. Balagopal Raju

Comparison of BCG inoculation by conventional intradermal and jet methods                         341
Sheila S. Paul, K. Raveendra Nath, A.K. Chhabra and M. Verma

Anthropometric study of inner canthal, inter pupillary and outer orbital dimensions Range of normal         349
K.C. Verma, Vinod Puri and T.C. Sharma

Foreign body nose perforating the hard palate in an infant                    353
Dharam B. Sharma, U.C. Lahori, Gajan Singh

Trisomy D-Cyclopic and non-cyclopic malformation in three neonates with brief review of literature  355
V. Kalra, I.C. Verma, G.R. Malik and A.K. Malhotra

Monostotic fibrous dysplasia                            359
B. Bhandari, S.K. Tak and R.K. Pamecha

Volvulus of the caecum in children a report of two cases                    361
Ashok H. Gonil, NN Shah and P.S. Trivedi                                                                                             

Lumbosacral agenesis in a neonate                 363
Neelam Bhutani and J.P. Tayal                 

Brief communication Treacher Collins syndrome (a case report)               367
Ashok Jain and K.B. Lall

Letter to Editor             369

Book Review                                          371

Announcements                                 372



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